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Visual Learning

Updated 6-7-16

Here’s a wide variety of visual learning options for your students, from graphs to infographics to timelines and more:visual learning


  1. Gapminder
  2. Google Public Data Explorer
  3. GunnMap
  4. Map a List–use a list from Spreadsheets and map into Google Earth
  5. StatPlanet Map Maker


  1. AmCharts
  2. Barchart
  3. ChartGizmo
  4. ChartGo
  5. Chartle
  6. Creately
  7. Highcharts
  8. Hohli Online Chart Builder
  9. JS Charts
  10. LovelyCharts
  11. LucidCharts–for desktop and GAFE app
  12. Online Chart Generator
  13. OnlineChartTool
  14. Pie Color


  1. Canva
  2. Easelly–free
  3. (free)
  4. Infographics Archive–lots of options
  5. Lesson plan: Infographics 101
  6. Piktochart


  2. iMindmap
  3. iMindQ–mindmapping for education
  4. Mind42
  5. MindMaple
  6. Spiderscribe


  1. Capzles
  2. Dipity
  3. Piktochart–timeline templates on this free webtool
  4. Read-Write-Think Timeline
  5. Storyboard That–use their timeline layout
  6. Tiki-toki
  7. Time Glider
  8. Timeline JS-uses Google Spreadsheets to create a multimedia timeline
  9. TimeToast


  1. Canva

Visual Organizers

  1. Create A Graph–student-oriented
  2. DIY Chart
  3. Gliffy
  4. Graphic organizers
  5. Graphic organizers II
  6. Graphic Organizers III
  7. Graphic organizers—all topics
  8. Graphic organizers—Enchanted Learning
  9. Graphic Organizers—for reading
  10. Storyboard That–use their graphic organizer layouts (i.e., spokes and wheel)
  11. Tableau Public

Word Clouds

  1. Wordle
  2. Tagul
  3. Tagxedo
  4. TagGalaxy–search using a cloud



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  1. Mind mapping software - iMindQ

    Hi Jacqui, I would like to recommend that you add iMindQ to the list of mind mapping tools, as it is really great tool for the education sector. Here’s more info about the benefits for students and teachers:


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