How to defeat fake news–one teacher’s ideas

Differentiating between reliable websites, books, information has always been a topic in classrooms. Kids tend to think if a site is at the top of the Google hit list, it is the most reliable. It requires teaching to explain why that isn’t true. What has increased in the last decade is the prevalence of ‘fake new’, what used to be called ‘yellow journalism’, where news is presented ina way that garners views and clicks rather than disseminates the truth.

Education Week tackles this issue as a teacher describes efforts to defeat fake news online. Here the article:

TikTok Is Feeding My Students Fake News About Ukraine. How Can Truth Win?

The roots of misinformation about Russia’s invasion stretch back further than social media


Students prefer images instead of written analysis of world events, which Chris Doyle, a teacher at a Connecticut school, describes as “TikTok over The New York Times.” Yet, Doyle writes in this blog post that imagery can be deceptive, fabricated and even outright propaganda, as Doyle works to debunk them, leading to concerns about the information students are consuming.

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Ask a Tech Teacher has quite a few articles and resources on this topic. Here are a few:

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  1. I ask my students, “How many of you believe everything that you see and hear on the internet?” Then I say, “Those who don’t believe everything on the internet, please explain why.” A lively class discussion ensues.

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