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16 Great Research Websites for Kids

Posted by on February 8, 2011

Please see the update here with more websites, kid-friendly browsers, citation resources, how to research, and a poster!

Quick, safe spots to send your students for research:

  1. All-around research site libraryspot.comLibrary Spot
  2. Dictionary
  3. Edutainment site—requires subscription
  4. General info research
  5. History Channel–great speeches at
  6. Internet research sites for kids
  7. Kids search engine for the internet
  8. Math, reading, arcade edutainment
  9. National Geographic for kids
  10. Nova video programs
  11. Research for kids
  12. Research—chapters on subjects
  13. Research—history
  14. School Tube—learning videos from YouTube. Organized by topics
  15. Thesaurus—a great one
  16. World Book Online (subscription required)


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Use Unconventional Research Sites to Inspire Students

How do I teach Inquiry and Research in Middle School

updated 2-1-18

11 Responses to 16 Great Research Websites for Kids

  1. Alexandria

    Check out this is a great website I use for projects in my Elementray school technology classroom.

  2. Wanda

    Gr 5 have a task, to show with a bar graph the positive or negative effect music have on students studying for a test .Please help this mother is hands in the hair.

  3. Max Guttsenok

    I have recently started a new educational site for kids:
    The site is NOT a seach engine (like many of them out there)
    and hence site does not redirect kids to other sites by providing links: the site simply and directly replies to kids and answers their questions fully (they way used to be!). This site offers amazing and innovative kids design and monitors its content extremely closely to make sure all the contect is suitable for kids. Kids can ask questions falling onto 12 categories as well as questions not
    falling onto any category listed (like personal questions). Our main goal is to serve needs of
    curious children and answer/explain most complex topics to them using a simple language.
    And one of the most amazing feature of this site is that it offers monthly prizes to most active site users!!

  4. gaze666

    I use this site all the time for useful stuff thanks.

  5. Dave is a great safe resource for kids for their school research.

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