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169 Kindergarten Websites That Tie into Classroom Inquiry

Posted by on July 12, 2013

kindergarten websitesThese are my 120 favorite kindergarten websites. I sprinkle them in throughout the year, adding several each week to the class internet start page, deleting others. I make sure I have 3-4 each week that integrate with classroom inquiry, 3-4 that deal with technology skills and a few that simply excite students about tech.

Here’s the list:

  1. Aesop Fables
  2. Aesop Fables—no ads
  3. Alphabet Animals
  4. Alphabet Doors
  5. Animal Games
  6. Animal Games II
  7. Animal Homes II
  8. Audio stories
  9. Barnaby and Bellinda Bear
  10. Bembo’s Zoo
  11. Build a car
  12. Build a car–abcya
  13. Build a Neighborhood
  14. Car puzzle
  15. Clock games–many
  16. Clocks
  17. Clocks—set the time–BBC
  18. Color US Symbols
  19. Counting Money
  20. Create Music
  21. Dino collection
  22. Dino Fossils then and now
  23. Dino Games
  24. Dino Games II
  25. Dinosaurs
  26. Dinosaurs II
  27. Dinosaurs IV
  28. Dinosaurs V
  29. Dinosaurs VI
  30. Dr. Seuss
  31. Edugames at Pauly’s Playhouse
  32. Edugames—drag-and-drop puzzles
  33. Endangered species collection
  34. Fables–beautiful
  35. Find a dog
  36. Game Goo—wacky games that teach
  37. Games to teach mouse skills, problem-solving
  38. Games to teach problem-solving skills
  39. Geogreeting—find letters around the world
  40. Great Websites—can’t get thru all of them
  41. Groundhog Day
  42. Holiday Elf Games
  43. Holiday music
  44. Holiday—Design Gingerbread House
  45. Holiday—match game
  46. Holiday—North Pole Academy
  47. Holidays–various
  48. Interactive sites
  49. Kerpoof
  50. Keyboarding—Hyper Spider Typing
  51. Kindergarten Links—Science, etc.
  52. KinderSite—lots of kindergarten websites
  53. Learn to Read
  54. Learn to read—Teach your monster to read
  55. Letters—find the letter
  56. Letters—find the letter—caps and lower case
  57. Letters—sort by sounds
  58. Literacy sites
  59. Magic Keys–stories for youngers
  60. Make a Face
  61. Make a Monster
  62. Make a Scary Spud
  63. Make a Story
  64. Math for K
  65. Math Games
  66. Math/LA Videos by grade level
  67. Mighty book storybooks
  68. Mr. Picasso Head
  69. Museum of Modern Art
  70. Music—Quincy and the Magic Instruments
  71. Ocean Currents—video from NASA
  72. Ocean Safari
  73. Ocean Tracks
  74. PBS Stories–Between the Lions
  75. Puzzle
  76. Reading games
  77. Recycle—Michael Michael Go Recycle
  78. Shapes and colors
  79. Sid the Scientist
  80. Signed stories
  81. Spring Garden—click for flowers
  82. Starfall
  83. Stories–Animated
  84. Stories—CircleTime—international
  85. Stories—MeeGenius—read/to me
  86. Stories—non-text
  87. The Learning Planet
  88. Time
  89. Time clocks
  90. Transportation alphabet
  91. Transportation games
  92. Transportation matching
  93. Transportation Sequence Games
  94. Transportation video–BrainPopJr
  95. Turkey websites
  96. Valentine Sudoku
  97. Valentine mouse skills
  98. Line up the hearts
  99. Dress up the heart
  100. Valentine unscramble
  101. Valentine typing
  102. Valentine puppy jigsaw
  103. Valentine drag-and-drop
  104. Valentine match
  105. Valentine tic-tac-toe
  106. Valentine projects from Winter Wonderland
  107. Write in a heart
  108. More heart writing
  109. ‘I love you’ in languages Afrikaans to Zulu
  110. Valentine’s Day apps
  111. Valentine Day games and stories
  112. Valentine coloring book
  113. Valentine Day poem generator
  114. Valentine rebuses
  115. Valentine rebus game
  116. Virtual Farm
  117. Virtual Zoo
  118. Word games—k-2
  119. Writing games
  120. Ziggity Zoom Stories


  1. Audio books—Ms. Noor–free
  2. Bees and Honey
  3. Clicky’s Web(safe) World
  4. Clicky’s Web(safe) World II
  5. Computer basics
  6. Computer Basics II
  7. Computer puzzle
  8. Computer safety
  9. Cyber-bullying video
  10. Day in a digital citizen’s life
  11. Disney CyberNetiquette Comix
  12. Drag and drop games–visual
  13. Drag and drop puzzles
  14. Drag and drop skills
  15. Find the Technology
  16. Garfield internet safety
  17. Internet—what is it–video
  18. Internet safety games
  19. Internet Safety Site –Disney
  20. Internet Smart Princess
  21. Jigsaw puzzles
  22. Jigzone–puzzles
  23. Keyboard Climber
  24. Keyboard Use Video
  25. Listen/read–Free non-fic audio books
  26. Monitor Use Video
  27. More Mouse Skills
  28. Mouse and tech basics–video
  29. Mouse Click Skills—gorgeous
  30. Mouse exercises–for olders too
  31. Mouse practice
  32. Mouse practice—drag, click
  33. Mouse Song
  34. Mouse Use Video
  35. Mouse—Tidy the Classroom
  36. Mouse—Wack a Gopher
  37. Mousing around
  38. My Online Neighborhood–video
  39. NetSmartKids–read-to-you–net safety
  40. Odiogo—read blog posts to students
  41. Organize technology (drag and drop)
  42. Parts of the computer
  43. Parts of the computer—BrainPopJr
  44. Princess who knew how to UYN–video
  45. Surf Swell Island
  46. Tech Training—basics
  47. Tidy the classroom
  48. Videos on Computer Basics K-6
  49. Webville Outlaws–internet safety

Do you have any to add?

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Jacqui Murray has been teaching K-8 technology for 15 years. She is the editor of a K-8 technology curriculum, K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum, and creator of technology training books for how to integrate technology in education. She is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy. She is webmaster for six blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice book reviewer, Editorial Review Board member for Journal for Computing Teachers, Cisco guest blogger, a columnist for, IMS tech expert, and a weekly contributor to TeachHUB. Currently, she’s editing a techno-thriller that should be out to publishers next summer. Contact Jacqui at her writing office or her tech lab, Ask a Tech Teacher.

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