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fire-102450_640Program on computers, iPads, laptops–whatever works, whatever age:

  1. Activate!—create games
  2. Alice
  3. AutoHotkey–program a quick macro, like a heading
  4. Blockly
  5. BotLogic–great for Kindergarten and youngers
  6. Chrome Experiments–geeky experimentation with programming
  7. Code–learn to code, for students
  8. Code Monster
  9. Espresso Coding–for youngers
  10. Gamestar Mechanic–design video games
  11. Google Computer Science for High School–free workshops (with application) for K-12 teachers
  12. Hakitzu
  13. Hopscotch–programming on the iPad
  14. How to train your robot–a lesson plan from Dr. Techniko
  15. Kodable--great for youngers
  16. I like programming video
  17. Khan Academy Computer Science
  18. Kindergarten coding
  19. Kodu—game programming
  20. Learn to code
  21. Lego Digital Designer
  22. Looking Glass—animated story
  23. Notepad–coding using the Windows Notepad
  24. Pony Mixer
  25. Primo–a wooden game, for ages 4-7
  26. Python
  27. PythonMonk–free lessons for beginners on Python
  28. Robby Leonardi–programmer–a game played about programming in the style of Mario
  29. Scratch
  30. Scratch tutorial–for Hour of Code
  31. Snap!—runs in your browser
  32. Tinkercad–3D modeling–fee–perfect for 3D printing
  33. Tynker
  34. Wolfram Alpha widgets


  1. Build with Chrome–kind of like Minecraft, with virtual Lego blocks
  2. Minecraft

Hour of Code

  1. Intro video
  2. Scratch tutorial–for Hour of Code


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