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4th Grade

4th grade

Updated 6-4-16

Be sure to click headings to get more websites on the theme


  1. Autodesk Homestyler

CA History

  1. CA History Overview
  2. CA Tribe Map
  3. Golden Gate Bridge
  4. Historical Fiction List


  1. Coffee shop–economics
  2.–finances for K-12
  3. Hands on Banking for Kids
  4. Stock Market Game

Gold Rush

  1. Gold Rush
  2. Gold Rush: Untold Stories
  3. San Francisco Virtual Museum
  1. First Thanksgiving
  2. 12 Days of Christmas

Human Body

  1. Health Games—BrainPop
  2. Heart attack—rescue simulation
  3. Virtual weather, machines and surgery

Language Arts

  1. BiteSize—Reading, Writing, Grammar
  2. Grammaropolis
  3. Thinking Skills–Riddles

Logical Thinking

  1. Design Squad Thinking Games
  2. Puzzles

Matter and Energy

  1. Bill Nye, the Science Guy
  2. Simple machines
  3. Solids and Liquids
  4. States of Matter Game



  1. Soundation–Make music


  1. Forests
  2. Plant games

Rocks and minerals

  1. Cyber Prospecting
  2. Rock Cycles
  3. Rocks


  1. CA State Capitol Museum
  2. CA State Capitol
  3. Virtual Capitol
  4. Sacramento Capitol Info
  1. Spanish resources


  1. All About America
  2. USA Games
  3. USA Puzzle
  4. US History Map Game


  1.—looks like a text chat

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    Perfect timing, Marcel. I’ll be updating the pages over the next few months and will blend these in.

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