Celebrate Pi Day and Maths Day

Two math celebrations are coming up on March 14th: Pi Day and World Maths Day

Pi Day

Pi Day is an annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14 since 3, 1, and 4 are the three most significant digits of π in the decimal form.

Daniel Tammet, a high-functioning autistic savant, holds the European record for reciting pi from memory to 22,514 digits in five hours and nine minutes.

If you’d like to find out more about Daniel Tammet, click for my review of him.

Here are some websites students will enjoy to enrich the day:

  1. Discovering Pi with Google Sheets
  2. Find your Pi Day--where is your birthday in the endless numbers of Pi? Created by Wolfram
  3. Music created with Pi — addictive song
  4. Pi Day WebQuest
  5. Pi Poems

World Maths Day

The first World Maths Day was held on March 14, 2007 (also Pi Day), and has ever since been held occasionally on the 1st Wednesday in March.   March 2020  World Maths Day is one of the world’s largest global educational events aimed at lifting numeracy standards in a fun and meaningful way. Why not celebrate with your own fun maths teaching – take a look at our lovely supporting resources! Find out more at the World Maths Day Website

World Maths Day is a free, fun, online competition with up to 4 million students world-wide participating. The competition measures speed in arithmetic and numeracy skills on the Live Mathletics platform and runs for 48 hours and is open to all schools around the world. Students compete online with other students and top scores are displayed on a live ‘Hall of Fame’.


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7 thoughts on “Celebrate Pi Day and Maths Day

  1. Simply fascinating, Jacqui! I watched both videos. Most of the students I taught diagnosed with Asperger’s weren’t able to socialize with others in the seemingly normal way that Daniel could. I wonder if the movie Rain Man (a great film) accurately portrays the savant.

    1. That Daniel Tammet is amazing. I credit a lot to how he was raised, his teachers and parents. He was treated as though like everyone else, assuming all kids are special.

  2. Loved the videos, Jacqui. Thanks for sharing them. I’ve missed Pi Day but I hope you enjoyed it.
    Have you watched any of the Mathemagician videos – Arthur Benjamin. He does one on Pi too, but he is amazing at working out mathematical problems – entertaining too.

        1. I lost over an hour watching him–he is amazing! I’ve added his videos to several of my resource lists. Thank you so much for telling me about him.

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