Learning a New Language Online: How It Can Help Your Child

When your child comes up with an idea of learning a new language, one of the best ways to achieve success is to learn online and keep things as peaceful and interactive as you possibly can. Since most children, these days are used to electronic gadgets and spend their time busy on social media, learning a language with the help of a reliable app and online courses is always efficient. Since your child does not have to visit a language school or spend time elsewhere, the learning sessions online can be adjusted to the school schedule and extended beyond the study hours for practicing purposes. It helps to achieve peace of mind for the parents and adds a healthy degree of interaction to keep the child inspired. 

Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Jodi Williams, linguist and educator, has five tips on learning a new language if you are doing so online:

Learning a New Language Online: How it Can Help Your Child

Learn According to Your Schedule. 

The most important benefit of online learning is that you can create a special schedule where grammar and writing tasks are kept in balance according to the child’s progress and skills. You don’t have to start with the typical textbooks or follow the complex objectives of the language learning course if something doesn’t work. Since we are dealing with a child, teachers can provide games and quizzes as long as the technology is accessible. Now, suppose you are a college student working on the peculiarities of online language learning. In that case, you can use the experience with a younger sibling or a child of your own by exploring the subject. In case you are feeling stuck, consider college essays for sale, as it’s one of the safest ways to get things done and structure your thoughts correctly! A Personalized Approach. 

When you are learning a new language online, you can benefit from a personal approach to learning. If your child finds learning a language troublesome or requires additional help because of ADHD or the presence of another learning challenge, an online educator with a personal method helps. Since you can address complex aspects or add more gamification, language learning becomes more successful with no fear of failing or competition with classmates! 

Keeping The Costs and Logistics Reduced. 

When you are learning a language online, you are actually reducing the costs of visiting a language school or a private teacher on location. If it’s something rare, it becomes even more relevant. Finding a native Swahili or Persian speaker might be quite challenging, yet the use of the Internet and a professional translation service can help you to find a certified language teacher or a course for your child. When you translate things properly and make an extended search, it always helps!

Connecting Your Studies With an Online Research. 

If your child is interested in sports, music, engineering, some country’s culture, or dinosaurs, learning a language online helps because one can share the materials that look inspiring and ask questions. As a parent or an educator, you can suggest making the language lessons based on all the interesting topics or having a conversation with the young learner. Now, it would not always be possible in a physical classroom. This way, a child can connect language studies with online research, thus gaining and improving analysis, Internet browsing, and research skills. 

How to Achieve Interaction With The Native Speakers? 

Since the talk goes about the children, turning to social media alone or visiting foreign language chatrooms is definitely not an option to consider! Luckily, you can join online projects for kids from all over the world, where the adults control the learning sessions and help the youngsters participate in research projects. Alternatively, you can use the Playground TV platform for kids that allows multilingual interaction or consider Online Scouting Jamboree projects where the scout leaders hold online language sessions for youngsters from all over the world. Think about what inspires your child and research things online! 


Jodi Williams is a trained linguist, content creator, and educator. Her posts seek the best solutions that help kids and parents find the best ways to implement foreign languages and technology as they learn. Follow Jodi to help your child succeed and keep things inspiring. 

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