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Brainstorming/Mind Mapping

Updated 5/27/16


  1.–simple to use, no log-in, free–but a bit quirky (IMHO)
  2. GoConqr–mindmaps, flash cards, quizzes, notes, more
  3. IMindMap—fee-based, but lovely
  4. Inspiration–an online tool or app
  5. Jamboard–a physical board like a Smartboard but easily accessed by all stakeholders during class discussion
  6. Linoit–sticky notes on a virtual canvas
  7. Mapping ideas with tag clouds
  8. Mind42–collaborative online mind mapping
  9. MindMaple—free or fee
  10. MindMeister–free trial for education
  11. MindMup
  12. Scapple--downloaded tool
  13. Spicy Nodes
  14. SpiderScribe–add text, pictures, files; free sign-up, fee for more than 3

–Click for lesson plan on teaching brainstorming/mindmapping in class

12 Responses to Brainstorming/Mind Mapping

  1. Micheal

    You can also easily create great Mind Maps for free using GoConqr:

  2. Jacqui

    thanks, Michael

  3. Hans Henry Heymans

    Thank you Jaqui, for creating your list !

  4. Richard A. Bergstedt

    Is brainstorming passé? Can students get away from their devices to interact face-to-Face? Comment/reply #IFYOUWISH

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