ASCII Art–Computer Art for Everyone

ASCII art is that amazing computer drawing where keyboard letters become a picture. Done well, it never fails to impress friends with your geekiness.

I was inspired by my friend, Zakgirl, to try it. I’m inherently lazy so wanted an ‘easy way’ to accomplish this tedious art. I went on a hunt for that method–and found it! Here’s a pumpkin I did for Halloween in about fifteen minutes:

Are you suitably impressed? Here’s how I did it:

  1. Add a watermark of a picture you like, preferably a single image (I picked a pumpkin for Halloween)
  2. Type over it with appropriate letters (if you’re more patient than I, you can pick a variety of letters. That would provide more depth)
  3. Delete the watermark

Looks good, huh?

This is an excellent method of exciting elementary school kids grades 3-6 about keyboarding (much as I do with shortkeys). Without showing them the picture, provide the directions for creating it. It’d look something like:

  1. Type a green X ten times
  2. Type a green X eleven time

…and so on. Have them center the typing at the end.

Here’s a website that will turn your picture into ASCII art. This is one of my students. Click the picture to visit the website:

ascii art

Here’s another ASCII Art generator.

I also found a website that’ll turn your text into ASCII art. Can you read this:


Here are examples from ASCII art pros. You’re going to see a big difference from my simplistic ones:

ascii artAnyone out there have a Thanksgiving image to share?

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10 thoughts on “ASCII Art–Computer Art for Everyone

  1. I’ve been trolling the Internet in search of the instructions like you posted earlier about typing so many green x’s and so on, where can I get something like that, is there a Website?

  2. ….._\____________________,,__,
    …./ `–||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||—/—————-##D
    …/==o ____________________/
    …..),—.(_(__) /
    ….// (\) ),——
    ../`—-’ / …
    ./____ / … .

    ASCII Pistol

    1. I was surprised how quickly it came into view. I’ve written a couple more posts on ASCII art–one about a gentleman whose work looks as sophisticated as any I’ve ever seen. For some, this is exactly the right approach to art.

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