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Updated 6-7-16

Here is a list of websites I and my PLN use in classes that support the inquiry into science. They’re K-8, so check them out to be sure they’re age-appropriate before opening them on your class screen:1395108_robot


  1. Periodic Table of Comic Books–comics dealing with each element

Earth Science

  1. About Rivers
  2. Adventure Island
  3. Antarctic Environ—find the animals
  4. Colorado River
  5. Cyber Prospecting
  6. Deserts
  7. Dynamic Earth–interactive
  8. Earth alerts
  9. Earth Science Digital Library
  10. Explore the Colorado
  11. Geography Games
  12. Geography Quiz Game
  13. Geologic movies–great and fun
  14. Geology
  15. GeoNet Game
  16. Google Earth—African Animals
  17. Google Earth—endangered animals
  18. Google Earth—free download site
  19. Mapping Game
  20. Mt. Everest–fun video for kids
  21. Nature—explore it
  22. NOAA Science games
  23. Nova video programs
  24. Observe Different Climate Zones
  25. Planet in Action via Google Earth
  26. Riding the Wind with Kalani
  27. Rivers Seen from Space
  28. Savage Earth
  29. Wonderville
  30. Zambezi River Tour

ecology edEcology/Earth Day

  1. Breathing earth–the environment
  2. My Garbology


  1. Electric Circuits Game

Lesson Plans

  1. Complete and varied science curriculum
  2. Keyboarding and the Scientific Method
  3. K-8 lesson plan bundle for STEM
  4. Rainforest Journey

life cycle


  1. 507 Mechanical Movements
  2. Animated Engines
  3. Fantastic Contraption
  4. Simple machines


  1. Ocean Currents—video from NASA
  2. Ocean Explorations—life
  3. Ocean Waves–video
  4. Virtual tour–undersea


  1. HoodaMathlots of math and physics games; search by grade level or subject or category
  2. Physics games–for HS
  3. Roller coaster simulator


  1. Plant games
  2. Plant life cycle
  3. Rainforest Websites Videos
  4. Redwood Forests video


  1. Rock Cycles
  2. Rocks

Science Miscellaneous

  1. Ask Smithsonian–a collection of quick, interesting science videos
  2. Bill Nye, the Science Guy
  3. Bright Science–short videos on various science topics
  4. Crash Course–short videos on varied science topics
  5. Dreanwork’s School of Dragons–science projects, study, and more
  6. Ology Sites
  7. Reactions–short videos on chemistry topics
  8. Science 360–videos on lots of science topics
  9. Science activities for the mind
  10. ScienceBob–articles, videos and more
  11. Science games
  12. Science games I
  13. Science Games II
  14. Science Games–Bitesize
  15. Science info websites
  16. Science stories—video
  17. Science Stuff
  18. Simulations–varied
  19. Smithsonian Museum
  20. Smithsonian 3D Models
  21. Vocabulary–Science Hangman


  1. Curiosity Stream–subscription service with lots of science videos
  2. SciShow–lots of scientific principles made simple (Golden Rule, etc)
  3. YouTube Science videos–100 best

water cycle


  1. Sparticl–easy-to-use science information with news, data, games

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