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Digital Notetaking

teacher to do listupdated 6-5-16

For more, visit the digital notetaking apps page

  1. Blckbrd–turn your desktop into an infinite canvas; software download
  2. Google Keep–can be used on all digital devices; sharable
  3. NearPod–push resources out to students and they can annotate directly to the items; web, iOS, Android
  4. Sketchpad–draw, write, notes; works on desktops and iOS
  5. Sonocent Audio Note-taker–take notes in audio, integrate into a complete study tool
  6.–text and audio; syncs with Google Drive

Annotate PDFs

  1. Adobe Reader–free
  2. DocHub
  3. Easy Annotate–partnered with Dropbox and Google Drive; annotate side-by-side PDFs
  4. Foxit
  5. Goodreader–fee
  6. iAnnotate–fee; open Google Drive documents in iAnnotate
  7. iOS Mail App for iPads and iPhone (built in–limited tools, but useful)
  8. Kami–open PDF in Google Drive, then open with Kami (app)
  9. Lumin–open PDF in Google Drive, then open with Lumin (app)
  10. Notability–open PDF from Google Drive in Notability; save back to Google Drive
  11. SlingNotes–fee


See ‘Whiteboards’ category for more

  1. A Web Whiteboard–no log in or installation
  2. Limnu–online whiteboard, collaborative, add text/notes, save as screenshot
  3. Notebookcast–a free multiuser whiteboard in your browser
  4. Pixiclip–interactive whiteboard with audio, video, images, text
  5. Realtime Board–a multimedia notetaker where you can collect information on a whiteboard to share with others
  6. Stoodle–no log-in or sign-up, share link to invite others; on desktops and iPads
  7. Web Whiteboard–no log-in, no software; even starts an automatic GHO

Lesson plan for digital notetaking (click)

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