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audio Updated 6-5-16

  1. Audacity–free download for Windows, Macs, Linux
  2. AudioPal–records a message that is then embeddable into your website or blog
  3. SpeakPipe Voice Recorder–record directly from browser to your local machine, or on iPhone, iPad
  4. TwistedWave–a browser-based audio file editor
  5. Vocaroo–record yourself, intuitive even for youngers, embeddable; no log-in required
  6. VoiceThread
  7. Voxopop–voice-based elearning tool

Chromebooks–try these

  1. MicNote–free download for all platforms or Chromebook app here
  2. Online Voice Recorder–done on website–record, edit, save to your computer; includes video recorder; perfect for Chromebooks
  3. VoiceNote II--recorder for Chromebooks (also a download if you prefer)–speech to text

Audio with other pieces

  1. Fotobabble–make photos talk; add slideshow
  2. Little Bird Tales–add voice to student story


 coming soon…


  1. Sound Bible–free sound bites
  2. Type “animal sounds” into the Google search bar and get a large variety

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