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updated 6-8-16
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  1. Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder (free with ads or $0.99 without ads)
  2. DropVox (fee)
  3. iTalk Recorder (free with ads or $1.99 for premium)
  4. MicNote–audio recorder and notepad; great for Chromebooks
  5. QuickVoice Recorder (free)
  6. ShadowPuppet–easily record audio over images for a slideshow
  7. Sock Puppet–record movement and voice–changes voices to funny ones
  8. Sonic Pics–(fee) voice-over slideshow of pictures
  9. SoundCloud–record and publish with Chromebooks using free accounts
  10. Talking Tom Cat–repeats what students say
  11. Voice Thread–Talk, type, and draw right on the screen


  1. 99% Invisible–about design and architecture
  2. Brains On! Science Podcast
  3. But Why? a Podcast for curious kids
  4. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History— funky approach to history
  5. Freakonomics
  6. Planet Money–fun conversations about the economy
  7. Podbean
  8. Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified
  9. RadioLoab–NY Public Radio
  10. Serial — for MS; unfolds one story over a season
  11. Short and Curly — an ethics podcast
  12. Sparkle Stories
  13. Stories Podcast
  14. The Story Home
  15. StoryNory Stories for Kids
  16. Story Pirates Podcast
  17. TED Radio Hour
  18. Tumble Science Podcast for Kids


  1. Soundtrap–make music and podcasts online, collaboratively
  2. StoryCorps–record interviews; share with everyone
  3. WavePad–create podcasts on iPads

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