Tech Professions Students Should Consider

Tech industry has been working solidly for the last decade or so and promises the best careers to students. Our Ask a Tech Teacher contributor has a short list of professions that students can look forward to:

The Future of the Tech Industry: What Professions Should Students Look Into?

Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and cloud computing are transforming businesses. Demand has grown for individuals with the knowledge and skills to meet their needs. Universities are offering various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs to prepare students for the future. Students can’t go wrong with future careers in information technology and computer science. These careers have the most job offers and acceptance rates. This is particularly the case for students with advanced degrees. What are some of the best tech jobs for the future?

Machine learning engineer

One of the best technology jobs of the future is as a machine learning engineer. Machine learning engineers have been ranked as one of the fastest-growing jobs in the United States. Machine learning is a branch of AI that uses big data to create algorithms. These algorithms can program a machine like a digital voice assistant or a self-driving car. They can perform and carry out tasks like humans. The machine can continue to learn and improve without any interference from humans. Natural language processing and image recognition are ways in which the machine learns.

To become a machine learning engineer, you will need a master’s degree in computer science or artificial intelligence. This will give you an in-depth understanding of topics like natural language technology and computational intelligence. You will need this for the need for a career in this field.

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Cloud engineer

One of the best-paying jobs in technology is that of cloud engineer. Over the past year, remote working has accelerated rapidly. Cloud computing has become a must-have. Organizations in all industries desperately need individuals who perform cloud-related tasks. Cloud engineers are also called cloud architects or cloud developers. The main responsibility of a cloud engineer is planning, managing and monitoring the cloud system. Companies may use systems like Slack or Google Cloud.

As is the case with many tech careers today, cloud engineers typically need a postgraduate degree and relevant experience. An MSc in computer science may include various electives that will prepare you for cloud engineering.

UX (user experience) Designer

Is technology a good career path? UX designers certainly think so. They are in great demand today and can earn high salaries. Businesses today need to sell products and services online to be competitive. This means they must ensure that consumers have a great user experience. UX designers help to ensure that websites, apps and software live up to consumer expectations. If consumers have a less-than-positive user experience, they will quickly move on to another brand.

To become a UX designer, you need a relevant undergraduate degree. A postgraduate degree and professional experience are desirable.

Data Scientist

Businesses collect data every day. They need data scientists to compile, process and analyze it. The reports of data scientists can help them to make more informed decisions. They can help them to understand factors like consumer behavior and market trends.

Data scientists can work in many different sectors and industries. They may work in manufacturing, IT, healthcare or entertainment. Data scientists have been in great demand since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. They help to analyze and present data so policymakers can make the right decisions.

If you want to be a data scientist, you need a solid understanding of data science and analytics. You need to have a postgraduate degree in data science or computational and applied math. This would help to develop your knowledge and technical skill sets. Statistics, calculus, coding, predictive modeling, and data visualization are all relevant subjects.

Robotics engineer

Robotics engineers have to constantly test, analyze and maintain prototypes and robotic components they create. The job is a highly technical one. They are in demand in the manufacturing and automotive service industries. The healthcare industry also requires more robotics engineers today with the introduction of innovative robotics.

A master’s degree in computer science or robotics will give you the knowledge and skills you need to break into a career in robotics engineering.


The above jobs are currently in demand. They are also likely to be in even higher demand in the future. Many of them offer higher-than-average salaries. They are available in a wide range of industries and usually require a postgraduate degree and professional experience.

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