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8 Time Management Tips For Dissertation Writing

It’s that time of hear when a lot of college students are writing dissertations as part of academic requirements. This is a daunting task but there are rules–suggestions–that will make it easier. The Ask a Tech Teacher team has a short list:

8 Time Management Tips For Dissertation Writing

Embarking on the journey of writing a dissertation is a significant academic undertaking. Here are some effective time management tips.


Writing your dissertation as a student can be challenging, requiring strong time management ability.

Thus, the research and writing process for a dissertation may be overwhelming and time-consuming. Completing one research paper might take you two or more months.

Therefore, dissertation writing requires substantial research. So, to showcase the art of effective time management, you need to strike the right balance between writing and research.

To prevent anxiety and stress at the last minute, it is important for you to manage your time efficiently. Proper management and planning can also make the process manageable and rewarding.

In this article, we will emphasize effective time management tips for your dissertation. (more…)

11 Ways to Become a Navy Officer and a Gentleman

This is a new Ask a Tech Teacher series on College and Career with a focus on military options. We’ll start with this how-to on becoming an officer and a gentleman:

As the economy gets worse, a career in the military looks better. They are the rare employer who accepts everyone qualified and doesn’t lay you off. Whether you enlist or become an officer is a personal choice. Each requires specific requirements, commitments and responsibilities. Each has its own unique skill set that either fits the prospective candidate or doesn’t. While the pay is greater, so is the stress and demands associated with the work. Me–I have a Navy Officer daughter and an Army enlisted Signal Corps son. Each picked the path that worked best for them.

If you’ve decided that you prefer the officer path to the enlisted, here are your options: (more…)

The psychology of motivation: Strategies for engaging students

The psychology of motivation: Strategies for engaging students

Motivation plays a role not only in people’s choice to get involved in their goals but also in their behavior, persistence, and, ultimately, success. It is imperative for educators to be aware of the essence of motivation in education in order to create a stimulating environment where students can learn and develop. Through understanding motivation, educators will discover various sophisticated techniques to attract attention and instill a love for learning among students for life.

What does motivation entail?

Motivation is a phenomenon built on the idea of the action of inside and outside factors that together influence an individual to act in the achievement of his/her aims. Experts in psychology have comprehensively analyzed motivation. As a result, they have presented different theories and components which shape the way humans behave. A learner can be driven by two major types of motivation, the extrinsic and intrinsic types, each with its unique characteristics and ramifications on the learning process. (more…)

Choosing the Right College: Factors to Consider Beyond Rankings

The metrics behind rankings are good to check, but might not accurately reflect what students are looking for. The Ask a Tech Teacher team as suggestions on how to dig deeper, be sure to choose the right college for your needs and future.

Choosing the Right College: Factors to Consider Beyond Rankings

Picking the right college is a huge choice that will affect your life for a long time. It’s easy to let college scores be your only source of information, but they don’t always tell the whole story. In fact, there are many important things besides scores that can have a big impact on your college experience and life afterward. Let’s look into these things, talk about why they’re important, and show you how to use them to help you make a choice.

Understanding the Limitations of Rankings

It’s important to understand why scores shouldn’t be your only concern before we get into the other factors. A lot of the time, college rankings are based on big numbers like graduation rates, teacher credentials, and financial resources. These are important, but they don’t show the little things about each person’s experiences or the important parts of schooling that can make a big difference in your personal and professional growth. (more…)

Balancing Academics and Social Life in College

Balancing academics and social life in college is a bigger challenge than it sounds like. As this school year approaches an end and students start to plan on college life, the Ask a Tech Teacher team has suggestions on how to make that work well:

Balancing Academics and Social Life in College

College life is an exhilarating journey filled with learning, discovery, and growth. It’s a unique phase where you’re expected to juggle academics, social activities, part-time jobs, and perhaps even self-care routines. Finding the perfect balance between academics and social life is akin to walking a tightrope. It requires skill, patience, and a bit of a balancing act. So, how does one navigate through this without tipping over? Let’s dive in and explore some strategies to achieve this equilibrium.

Understanding the Importance of Balance

The Academic Foundation

First and foremost, it’s essential to acknowledge that academics are the bedrock of your college experience. They are the main reason you’re in college, after all. Excelling in your studies opens doors to future opportunities, whether it’s graduate school, competitive job markets, or research opportunities. But, why is balance so crucial?

The Social Spectrum

On the flip side, college is more than just grades and textbooks. It’s about building lifelong friendships, networking, developing social skills, and discovering who you are outside of the classroom. These experiences are invaluable and contribute significantly to your personal development and mental well-being. (more…)

The Role of Mathematics in Education

The Role of Mathematics in Education: What Professions You Can Get in the Future

Have you ever found yourself pondering the real-world applications of those algebraic formulas or geometric theorems you spent hours trying to decipher in school? Or perhaps, amidst a particularly challenging calculus problem, you’ve questioned how this abstract world of numbers and symbols could possibly influence your future career? Well, you’re not alone. Mathematics, often dubbed the universal language, plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational foundation necessary for a plethora of professions. Let’s dive into the essence of mathematics in education and uncover the vast array of future career opportunities it unlocks. (more…)

E-Books and Online Libraries in Modern College Education

E-Books and Online Libraries in Modern College Education

One of the most significant archives of human knowledge and learning’s quiet companions, libraries have made an undeniable impact. As far back as history reaches, they played a vital role in helping students. We wouldn’t be where we are without them. Their shelves are stacked with the wisdom of civilizations, offering a passage through time for anyone willing to explore them. Libraries have always been a trusted educational sidekick since people started learning stuff. You might think libraries are withering away, but it’s not true. They’ve changed into online treasure hubs to help kids access education. Further, we will examine how libraries and schooling have always been connected and how important they are in shaping people’s paths and changing lives.   


Research Tips for Paper Writing

This post will introduce you to some quick tips for writing a research paper along with the importance of samples.

Simple Steps for Research Paper Writing and the Importance of Samples

Research papers are academic writings that offer rigorous analysis, evaluation, assessment, and interpretation of a specific topic. They are similar to essays but usually more detailed and longer. The primary purpose of encouraging students to jot down a research paper is to assess their writing and research skills.

Regardless of the course (science, history, or literature), every student has to prepare a research document at some point or the other. Looking for tips to prepare outstanding work? This post will take you through the writing process of a research paper and the importance of samples. Let’s dive into the details.

Main Tips for Research Paper Writing


How to Prepare for College

Succeeding in college is both easy and hard. It takes planning, drive, and dedication, but once you commit to the required changes, the payback is worth it. The first big tip: College is not like High School. Succeeding in the former in no way predicts success in the latter.

With High School graduation close, college on the horizon, one of our Ask a Tech Teacher contributors put together a list of great tips and ideas to help you prepare for one of the biggest steps you can take to build your future:

How to Prepare for College

College preparation is crucial to ensuring that your college life is successful. It helps boost your independence and self-discipline to tackle the difficulties you might encounter while giving you a holistic view of the whole preparation process. Excellent college preparation makes you self-aware and helps you evaluate what you’d love to do in school. It enables you to choose a learning institution depending on your strengths. While preparing for college can be challenging, knowing how to do it well can help make the process more successful. Here’s how to prepare for college.