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Special Needs

rainbow-84829_640Update 5-24-16

So much available to differentiate for every student’s special need. Here are 50 of them:

  1. Chrome apps--download to the Chrome browser to assist with special needs students
  2. Disabilities—Google
  3. Disabilities—Microsoft


  1. SnapType–allows writing challenged students to take a picture of a worksheet and type in the answers on their iPad


  1. Autism browser—Zac Browser


  1. Symbaloo of dyslexia tools


  1. Just my type–for keyboarding–free download
  2. One-handed typing (video)
  3. One-handed typing II (video)
  4. One-handed typing with a FrogPad
  5. Typing Training–special features for special needs


  1. Babakus


  1. ABC Phonics Word Families
  2. abc PocketPhonics
  3. Bookshare–digital library for those with print disabilities
  4. Find the Letters HD
  5. Read & Write 
  6. Read 2 Me
  7. Read2Go
  8. Reading Trainer
  9. Reading with Daisy
  10. See Read Say
  11. Signed Stories–gorgeous signed, animated, colorful stories


  1. JAWS
  2. Snap n Read–select text and click speaker icon on the toolbar.
  3. Thunder Screenreader


  1. Dragon Dictation
  2. Google Docs Voice Typing tool–native to Google Docs; just activate it
  3. Sound Literacy
  4. Soundnote
  5. Speak It!
  6. Spell up–work on speaking and spelling skills in a game format
  7. Tap to Talk
  8. Text 2 Speech
  9. Text to audio
  10. Wordtalk–free text-to-speech for Word docs


  1. Stories2Learn
  2. Story Builder
  3. Storyrobe


  1. AlphaWriter
  2. AppWriter
  3. BrailleNote–word processing in Braille
  4. iSpell Word
  5. iWrite Words
  6. Sentence Builder
  7. SnapType–allows writing challenged students to take a picture of a worksheet and type in the answers on their iPad
  8. Sonocent Audio Note-taker–take notes in audio, integrate into a complete study tool
  9. WordSort


  1. Blio
  2. Flashcards for iPad
  3. Free OCR
  4. HumanWare–various writing/reading tools for the blind
  5. Idea Sketch
  6. IPad Apps for Special Needs
  7. Jumbline
  8. Natural reader–paste text into the dialogue box and the site reads it to you
  9. News2You—symbol-supported news
  10. Open OCR
  11. Prizmo
  12. Special needs lesson plans
  13. Special Needs websites—long list
  14. Spelling Bee Challenge
  15. Yakitome


SpeakIt!–extension that reads to students whatever they highlight


My #1 Go-go site: Carol Leynse Harpold at OTs with Apps and Technology


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