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Weekend Websites: 50 websites about animals

Here are 50 animal websites for grades K-5, everything from Dinosaurs to the wildly popular Wolfquest (click here for updates):animals

  1. 3D Toad—3D science study
  2. Adaptations—game
  3. Animal Adaptations
  4. Animal games
  5. Animal Games II
  6. Animal games II
  7. Animal Games III
  8. Animal Habitats
  9. Animal homes
  10. Animal homes
  11. Animal Homes II
  12. Animal Homes III
  13. Animal puzzle games–cool
  14. Animals
  15. Animals—San Diego Zoo Videos
  16. Barnaby and Bellinda Bear
  17. Bembo’s Zoo
  18. Build a habitat
  19. Build a habitat II
  20. Butterfies and habitats
  21. Classify animals
  22. Cockroach—virtual
  23. Dino collection
  24. Dino Fossils then and now
  25. Dino Games
  26. Dino Games II
  27. Dinosaurs
  28. Dinosaurs II
  29. Dinosaurs IV
  30. Dinosaurs V
  31. Dinosaurs VI
  32. Endangered species collection
  33. Food chain
  34. Food Chains
  35. Frog habitat
  36. Google Earth—African Animals
  37. Google Earth—endangered animals
  38. Habitat Game
  39. Habitats—create one
  40. Habitats—match them
  41. Life Cycles
  42. Life—the Game–colorful
  43. Ocean Currents—video from NASA
  44. Ocean Safari
  45. Ocean Tracks
  46. Video Safari
  47. Virtual Cockroach
  48. Virtual Farm
  49. Virtual Zoo
  50. Wolfquest—simulation–DL


digital whiteboard

Teach Animal Adaptations with an MS Word Diagram

This project is part of a triptych that collaborates with a classroom unit on animals. The first was another diagram, that one to teach animal characteristics.

This one is a great project that mixes the visual with the written. Students loved collaborating to come up with the animal adaptations. Allow them to take ample time surveying the plethora of amazing animal pictures that represent the adaptations they selected. Overall a popular project that teaches a lot. Easily completed in 30 minutes. (more…)