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How to Pick Reliable Websites: The Infographic

Here’s a nice infographic on how to evaluate websites for authenticity, reliableness, and usefulness. Feel free to grab it and share:


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Citing Sources: The Infographic

EasyBib, the first name most educators think of when citing sources, has created a useful summary on MLA guidelines for citing sources. Best of all, it’s an infographic you can grab and post on your wall (with proper citation, of course):

Click here for the original post.


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Touch Typing Basics from KidzType

Here’s a comprehensive infographic put together by KidzType. It covers lots of basics from touch typing rules to which-finger-which-key to one that is often forgotten when teaching keyboarding skills: pacing.


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9 Webtools in 9 Minutes

I’m experimenting with the presentation of information. I’m going to share the same information–my favorite webtools–in several different ways:

  • Infographic
  • Prezi
  • Canva (gorgeous free program)

Here’s an infographic (created in Piktochart) of my 9 favorite webtools:


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How Has the Internet Changed Education

Sure, we all know that as a subjective, gut-level judgment, but is there data to prove it?

Oh yeah. Look at this infographic from Cool Infographics:


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What is the Flipped Classroom

When I was editing the 8th grade tech curriculum, I got wowed by ‘infographics’–a visual approach to communicating information. Yes, I have known for a long time about ‘infographics’, but haven’t really paused to considered their strength. This dove-tailed nicely when I started getting questions from readers like, “What is a ‘flipped classroom’?”

Here–take a look at this one from Cool Infographics (and click the link–they have some great visual stuff over there):


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Wikipedia vs Britannica–the Results May Surprise You

This infographic from Open Site–Free Internet Encyclopedia came as a huge surprise to me. I, like many teachers I know, warn students against relying on Wikipedia as a primary source for research. Imagine my surprise when I read the information below, on the heals of Britannica ending publication of their renowned and historic encyclopedia.


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