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Updated 6-8-16

  1. BeeBop–based on the Beebop floor robot–free
  2. Cargo-Bot—logic iPad gamecoding
  3. Cato’s Hike (K+)
  4. Codea (Perfect for Intermediate+)
  5. Daisy the Dinosaur—intro to programming
  6. Foos–app or desktop; K-1
  7. Hopscotch (for up to intermediate–more complicated that Kodable)
  8. Kodable
  9. Lego Fix the Factory (app)
  10. LightBot Jr.–programming for six-year olds
  11. Lightbot–solving puzzles with programming; MS
  12. Move the Turtle–programming via iPad for middle school
  13. Osmo Coding--a purchased game system to teach coding
  14. Pyonkee–free, a little glitchy
  15. ScratchJr--for ages 5-7
  16. Swift Playground–from Apple, includes lessons and challenges designed to teach kids to code
  17. Treehouse (K+)

Build an app/game

  1. Apps Geyser
  2. App Inventor–build Android apps on a smartphones; from MIT
  3. Game Salad

Windows 8 apps

  1. CodeWriter 
  2. HTML Programs
  3. HTML School

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