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*8: Fifth Grade Cloning in Photoshop

clone3Adobe Photoshop is kind of like KidPix for grown-ups, as well as the default photo-editing program for anyone serious about graphics. This series of projects (available in the first volume of the book, 55 Technology Projects for the Digital Classroom) introduces students to a traditionally-challenging program in an easy to understand way, each project scaffolding to the next, thus avoiding the frustration and confusion inherent in most Photoshop training.

We’ve already completed Word image editing basics here and Photoshop autofixes here. This one on cloning is going to be a favorite of your children.

The clone tool duplicates a hard to crop-and-copy image (like the flowers below) or deletes part of a background—a sign or a post in a nature scene—you don’t want there. You can clone within a picture (as with the flowers), (more…)

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#6: Photoshop for Fifth Graders–Autofixes

We started with a list of Photoshop skills your fifth graders can accomplish. Yesterday we used MS Word for basic skills. You’re now ready for the one all the pros use: Adobe Photoshop.

Before I start, Adobe offers huge education discounts for Photoshop. If you don’t own it and your child likes art, graphics, computers, check it out. There’s also a open source version of Photoshop, but it escapes me at the moment. If you know that link, let me know and I’ll pass it on. (more…)

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