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Weekend Website #111: 40 California Mission Websites

Here’s a list of 40 websites that will inspire your fourth graders about California missions (check here for updated links)

  1. CA Missions–each
  2. CA History-Missions
  3. CA mission history
  4. CA Mission Internet Trail
  5. CA Mission Life
  6. CA Mission Pictures
  7. CA Mission Pictures—all Missions
  8. CA Mission websites–list of
  9. CA Mission websites–list of
  10. CA missions
  11. CA Missions
  12. CA Missions 1780 to present
  13. CA Missions Foundation
  14. CA Missions Online–each
  15. CA Missions today
  16. CA Missions–Christianity
  17. CA Missions–each
  18. CA Missions—each mission
  19. CA Missions–general
  20. CA Missions–general II
  21. CA Missions–general III
  22. CA Missions–info on each II
  23. CA Missions–info on each III
  24. CA Missions–list of sites
  25. CA Missions–more
  26. CA Missions–more
  27. CA Missions–Santa Barbara
  28. Daily Life at Missions
  29. Father Serra
  30. Father Serra II
  31. Father Serra III
  32. Father Serra–more
  33. Father Serra—still more
  34. Google Earth Mission Tour
  35. Mission Quotes
  36. Mission Timeline
  37. Mission Websites for Kids
  38. Santa Barbara Mission
  39. The Spanish Missions
  40. Tour CA Missions with Google Earth


#37: Use Oregon Trail to Teach Westward Expansion

Show students how to get the most out of Oregon trail by reading the headings on each screen, thinking about problem solving skills and applying the simulation to their classroom discussion on westward expansion. I include a worksheet of questions they can answer as well as additional websites to extend their education.

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