About AATT

ask a tech teacherWhy is working with Ask a Tech Teacher a good marketing move on your part? Read on…

1. Blog description

Ask a Tech Teacher© is a group of teachers, passionate about technology in education. It offers oodles of free lesson plans, pedagogical conversation, website reviews and more. Its free newsletters and website articles are read by thousands, including teachers, homeschoolers, and anyone serious about finding the best way to maneuver the minefield of technology in education.

2. Blog goal

To provide as much as possible for free to teachers, to help them do their work. That includes:

  • lesson plans
  • answering questions
  • researching information to address professional needs
  • award grants to deserving schools

3. Audience description

Readers of Ask a Tech Teachers are almost exclusively in the education industry. This includes teachers, administrators, Principals, librarians, IT folk, homeschoolers, parents with school-age children–all looking for better ways to teach. 

4. Statistics and Rankings

Ask a Tech Teacher reaches about 65,000 visitors a month. The newsletters–about 3,000 a week. The preponderance of readers are teachers, homeschoolers, and administrators/principals. Ask a Tech Teacher resources are posted to thousands of school websites, blogs, and library resources lists.

Visitors are 80% US-based. Click-through rate is about 30% of daily visitors.

5. Additional Exposure

Select posts are also available to readers through the blog feed, social media (in excess of 10,000 subscribers), TeachHUB, targeted weekly newsletters (focusing on tech ed products, websites, tips). Contact me if you’re interested in that extended reach.

Social media includes:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter (about 7500 followers)
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn 
  • Ask a Tech Teacher blog (about 7500 followers, over 5 million hits)

6. Sponsor Specifications

Sponsorship can include the following:

  • a 100 x 100 web-friendly image, ready to upload. I do not format or fine-tune ads. They will be placed in the sidebar for a three-month minimum so calculate that into your request.
  • a guest post on a topic relevant to my readers. This may contain up to two links.
  • a themed article written by me on a topic of your choosing related to technology in education.
  • sponsorship of an article or event hosted by Ask a Tech Teacher.
  • a product review written by me of an edtech-friendly product that will appeal to my readers. Funds must be paid as a donation, before I begin the work. I don’t review products in exchange for product or promotional codes.
  • partnership in marketing your product, customized to your needs
  • Ambassador and influencer, customized to your needs

I don’t accept many sponsors at one time because I want readers to notice them on the sidebar. I don’t like sidebars so chock full of corporate logos that I can’t find the other stuff to help with my teaching so I won’t have that on my blog.

I am willing to discuss custom advertising opportunities.

7. Sponsor Pricesask a tech teacher

Contact me for rates.

8. Restrictions

All material will be G-rated, edtech-centric, including material that it links to. Additionally, I only deal with technology-in-education issues.

9. Payment Options

All payments are made via PayPal prior to publishing material

10. Contact Information

If you are interested, please complete the form below or email me at AskaTechTeacher@gmail.com with your request and/or proposal.

For long-term arrangements, please contact John Murray at john.murray@structuredlearning.net.

Feel free to contact me with any of the following:

  • technology ideas or questions
  • consulting inquiries regarding rates and availability
  • any comments you may have