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More Homeschoolers are Military Families

Posted by on March 14, 2011

There’s an upsurge in military homeschoolers–not a surprise if you think about the demographics of our military families. They move a lot. They’re all over the world and may want the American education they can’t access over seas.

Fellow blogger Dave Saba posted this column on the trend. It’s a fascinating read:

Start a Military Virtual High School

For those in the military that home school, or are a true education pioneer looking to help military families, there is a company that offers turnkey virtual schools.  Depending on the potential size of the school, they will not charge an up-front fee and can have the school open in a matter of weeks.

Virtual schools for the military makes sense – military students can study from anywhere in the world and VirtualEDU offers the lowest possible cost (students can sign up now for $49.95).

I know there are some military spouses out there who are ready to start their military virtual school – let me know and I will help you get started!  With over 700,000 military students homeschooled, this is a group that could use your help.


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