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Updated 5-24-16

  1. Go animate
  2. Prezi
  3. ScreenLeap—screen share for free
  4. Turn short stories into books


  1. Book Cover creatoronline publishing
  2. Create a magazine cover


  1. Flipboard—organize ideas into mag
  2. Scoop-it—organize webpages


  1. Newspaper—create a newspaper
  2. Newspaper—create a newspaper clipping
  3. Newspapers around the world
  4. Newspaper template–in PowerPoint
  5. Newspaper templates–7 of them


  1. Canva
  2. Glogster—posters
  3. Poster maker—like an eye chart
  4. Posters—8×10 at a time–simple
  5. Print Large Posters in 8×10 bits
  6. Tackk—create online fliers


  1. Issuu (
  2. PhotoPeach–online slideshows
  3. PowerPoint games for kids
  4. PowerPoint stuff
  5. PowerPoint Templates
  6. Slideboom—upload PowerPoints; share


  1. Wideo–create videos online
  2. Youblisher to make your pdf documents flappable

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