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Classroom Management

Updated 5/27/16classroom management

  1. Bing Pulse–log onto a class webpage and provide feedback
  2. Bouncy Balls–balls bounce based on level of noise in the classroom
  3. Calmness Counter–how noisy is your classroom? Let students see.
  4. Class Composer–better student-placement decisions for your school
  5. Class Dojo—class behavior mgmt
  6. Class Badges
  7. Google Safe Search Preferences
  8. Goose Chase–easily create scavenger hunts; free-fee
  9. If This Then That—manage social networks
  10. Legal issues
  11. NearPod–present to the class iPads and students interact
  12. Open Badges
  13. Simply Circle–stay in touch with parents, share photos, more
  14. Smartfeed–curate content for your kids
  15. Spiral–3 collaborative classroom tools aimed at a 1:1 classroom; web-based tools that work on laptops, CB, and mobile devices
  16. Teach with IPads
  17. Teacher Memes — posters that are memes that manage your class
  18. Tech Training—basics
  19. Too Noisy--another app to show noise level in classroom (app)

Create-a-class Platforms

  1. TeachEm
  2. Wikispaces

Internet Start Pages

  1. igHome
  2. Only2Clicks
  3. Protopage
  4. Symbaloo
  5. UStart

Manage Class Computers

  1. Classkick–see what all students are doing on their digital devices through your desktop; provide feedback; free
  2. Remote Desktop–manage Chromebooks remotely; remote into the Chromebook from another desktop
  3. Share to Classroom–push out links to Google Classroom


  1. Airserver–mirror iPad to class screen
  2. Airsketch–mirror an iPad whiteboard to the class screen (doesn’t mirror the iPad in general to the screen); free
  3. Google Cast for Education–allows students to share their screen on the class screen
  4. Mirroring 360 by Splashtop–mirror your ipad wirelessly, with any device, students present from their device and share with class screen, connect two devices with a QR code; NOT interactive; software download; freemium
  5. Squirrel–three ways to mirror your digital device to another


  1. GeniusScan–for iPads
  2. Scannable–by Evernote; scan paper documents into Evernote files
  3. TinyScanner–iPad scanner
  4. TurboScan–for iPads, iPhone


  1. Plagiarism Tracker
  2. TurnitIn

QR Codes

  1. QR Codes
  2. QR Stuff–send almost any type of file to a QR code–includes YouTube videos


  1. Doodle—schedule meetings, polls
  2. Random Team Generator
  3. Sign-up Genius–organize volunteers, presentations, lists of all sorts
  4. Volunteer Spot–organize with free online sign-up sheets
  5. You Can Book Me–lots of features, including embeddable sign-ups; free/fee


  1. Google–search ‘google timer’ and get one on Google

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