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K-12 Resources

UPDATED 4-27-17

K-12 Resources for teachers from grading rubrics to online quizzes, audio books, utilities, puzzle creators and more. A note: These are not student websites, rather resources for teachers. Please go to K-12 Websites for a (very) long list of student sites organized by grade and topic.

Topics that have their own page (as a drop-down list in the menu item) are included here only as links.

Add a comment with any you find invaluable to your teaching job.

classroom management3D Printing



  1. QRVoice–record a voice file and create it as a QR code (can be done in many QR creators
  2. Vocaroo–record directly to a QR code (best to record on a computer and scan with a mobile device)

Augmented Reality



Blended Learning

  1. Blended Play


Classroom Management


  1. C-STEM Studio–download to teach computers, science, technology, engineering and math with roboticsrigor in class
  2. Google’s CS First–set up free computer science clubs


  1. Blogs—Wordpress Classroom blogs
  2. Linoit—notes and photos stickyboard
  3. Skype


  1. Drawp for Schools–use collaborative drawings for learning; teacher accounts available

Critical Thinking

Curation of Content/Free books


  1. PBS Debate resources

Device Management

  1. Nearpod–app tool to distribute and manage learning materials

Digital Portfolios

Discussion Boards

Domain-specific Language

  1. Tagxedo
  2. Wordle

Economics and Finance

  1. ECommerce Links for Kids–a collection of ecommerce links for kids
  2. Economics and Kids–from Rutgers
  3. Teaching kids economics and finance–lots of varied resources


  1. ASCEville–Civil engineering jobs, activities
  2. Through My Window–free multi-media curriculum on engineering for grades 4-8


  1. eLucy–the study of Lucy; includes teacher lesson plans and student activities



  1. Rate-zip–how to teach financial topics to K-12

Flip a coin

  1. Type “Flip a coin” into the omnibar and you can do just that through Google’s search page


  1. forecast weather in any place around the world by typing “forecast for ***”
  2. Geography Activities—for teachers
  3. Tour Builder--build a Google Earth Tour easily


Google Apps

keyboardingGoogle Earth

Google Hangouts

G Suites

Graphic Organizers

Great Books

Great Training

High School

  1. Tech Major Quiz


  1. Ancient Civilizations Gamified




Lesson Plans



  1. PBS Learning Resources


Maker Space


  1. TED talk on math and computers



  1. Evernote
  2. OneNote
  3. SANSSpace--digital note-taking with video

Online Learning


PDF Annotators


  1. A to Z genres in poetry

Photo Editing

  1. PicMonkey


Printables (print to PDF to use on your computer)

  1. Printable Paper–lots of kinds (graph, lined, more)
  2. Printable worksheets

common core

Professional Development



  1. Audio books—free—Project Gutenberg
  2. Free eBooks–classic and contemporary
  3. Poetry sites—lots of them
  4. Snap! Learning–promotes close reading and guided reading




  1. Biomes/Habitats—for teachers
  2. forecast weather in any place around the world by typing “forecast for ***”
  3. Science Infographics from NASA and JPL




  1. Blendspace—multimedia sharing platform
  2. Join.Me–screen sharing made easy
  3. Mentor Mob–share bookmarks singly or as a playlist


  1. Pond5-lots of authentic sounds (for a fee)
  2. SoundSnap–sounds for a fee


Special Needs

Spreadsheet Games

  1. Bingo


Study Tools


  • “Set timer to” and set the time, in Google’s omnibar; push enter







Unplugged Activities


  1. Animoto
  2. Moovly–free or fee, animated videos
  3. WeVideo


  1. EDPuzzle–crop videos, add notes and your voice


Visual Learning

Websites–for teachers to build websites

  1. Educator Pages — free website builder for teachers
  2. Kidblog–set up a classroom
  3. Teacher Websites
  4. Weebly
  5. Wix

Web Tools

  1. Animations, assessments, more
  2. Easy Web 2.0 tools
  3. Easy-to-navigate collection
  4. Free online tools (Web 2.0)
  5.–so easy to create a website, digital portfolio, more
  6. Puffin Academy--run select Flash apps on iPads

Word Processing

  1. Games


  1. Formatically — automatically formats docs for MLA and adds citations
  2. Poetry sites—lots of them
  3.–simple, fast word processing program
  4. Vocab, prefix/suffix, word lists and more


  1. Are you getting enough sleep? Take this quiz from NatGeo
  2. Cool Tools for School (
  3.–embed anything with a URL (a website link) into your class website, student digital portfolios
  4. Enchanged Learning
  5. FBI Kid-safe games
  6. K5 Learning
  7. Lots of Links for all grade levels
  8. Teacher collection on a Google Docs file

26 Responses to K-12 Resources

  1. Elizabeth

    Hi, Jacqui. The same thing is happening with the 10 Alternatives link on your latest Great Resources post. It takes me to I don’t see that it is under any paticular grade level.

  2. Jacqui

    Hi Elizabeth–I believe it works now. I had to find a different source for that list, but it was worth it. Lots of great ideas on it!

  3. Anne Ochs

    Thank you for all of the great Tech Teacher resources!!

  4. Roy

    Hi Jacqui,

    Thanks for inviting us to leave a comment about your website.

    K5 Learning ( offers an online reading and math enrichment program for elementary school kids, aimed at after-school and summertime use. It includes assessments and a highly structured program of over 3,000 multimedia activities.

    We also offer a number of free resources to visitors:
    – math worksheets for grades 1-6, extensive and very organized
    – addition and subtraction worksheets for preschool and kindergarten
    – printing and counting numbers worksheets
    – simple math worksheets
    – decimals and fraction worksheets
    – over 25 multimedia math lessons

  5. Jacqui

    Another great site recommended by a reader: “Free eBooks: The Ultimate Guide”

  6. Jasmine

    Here’s a great one for parent-teacher communication:

  7. Fredy

    Hello Jacqui,
    Thank for this great resources. My contribution to that is this website: . it will be helpfull for all android fan game and android app lover.

  8. nataly.anders

    Hello, my name is Nataly. I was working on research of linguistic tools and found your site. This page contains a really great list of resources and I want to say thanks for it! Also, I want to suggest a one more link to a definition dictionary which I use frequently (Apart from definitions it provides rhymes, quotes and idioms).
    I see that you already have a few links to the related services on this page, so adding – probably would be a good new opportunity for your visitors to find more information.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  9. meagain is a great tool, too!

  10. David Perkins

    Hey! You should add to your list! Students have been using it share class notes!

  11. Sasha Z

    Hi Jacqui,
    Please check out K5 Learning
    Perhaps you’d be interested in linking to our free worksheet center:
    Or our sample lessons:
    Or our homepage:

  12. Melissa Rossiter

    Hi Jacqui – gives educators comprehensive resources that work in and out of the classroom to help students build a foundation for success. It’s 9 million parent and teacher members have access to expert-created resources that includes more than 20,000 worksheets, 400 workbooks, 4,000 activities, 1,000 science projects, and 100 online games.

    Math and Reading program:

    Printables: has printable worksheets (, workbooks (, and lesson plans (

    Math and Reading program:

    Misc / Collections:

    Thanks for letting us be a part of your great site!

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