Updated 8-23-21

Here is a list of websites I and my PLN use in classes that support the inquiry into science. They’re K-8, so check them out to be sure they’re age-appropriate before opening them on your class screen:1395108_robot

  1. Action Graphing--physics and motion for HS; fee (app)
  2. Arduino Science Journal–for nature learning
  3. Biomes/Habitats—for teachers
  4. Action Graphing--physics and motion for HS; fee  (app)
  5. Braingenie
  6. Brainpop App
  7. Classify it! (app)
  8. DNA Play–DNA-building app for kids
  9. EMD PTE — periodic table (app)
  10. forecast weather in any place around the world by typing “forecast for ***”
  11. Google Earth App (app)
  12. Molecules–Molecules is an application for viewing three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulating them using your fingers. (app)
  13. Science 360–The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) for iPad provides easy access to engaging science and engineering images and video from around the globe (app)
  14. Science Glossary–A glossary of scientific terms and short biographies that support our science education website  (app)
  15. Science Infographics from NASA and JPL
  16. Zooniverse–science projects students can participate in (app)



  1. Amplify Science
  2. Freckle 
  3. Khan Academy

Earth Science

Ecology/Earth Day

  1. Breathing earth–the environment
  2. My Garbology


Lesson Plans

  1. Free Science Experiments
  2. Keyboarding and the Scientific Method
  3. K-8 lesson plan bundle for STEM


  1. 507 Mechanical Movements
  2. Animated Engines
  3. Fantastic Contraption

Natural Disasters


  1. Ocean Waves–video
  2. Virtual tour–undersea



  1. Plant gameswater cycle
  2. Rainforest Websites Videos
  3. Redwood Forests video


  1. Rock Cycles
  2. Rocks

Science Miscellaneous

  1. Ask Smithsonian–a collection of quick, interesting science videos
  2. Bright Science–short videos on various science topics
  3. Dreamwork’s School of Dragons–science projects, study, and more
  4. Science activities for the mind
  5. ScienceBob–articles, videos and more
  6. Science info websites
  7. Science Stuff
  8. Simulations–varied
  9. Smithsonian Museum
  10. Smithsonian 3D Models
  11. Sparticl–easy-to-use science information with news, data, games



  1. Science 360
  2. Robots for iPad
  3. DIY Nano
  4. Sound Uncovered



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