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Middle School

Updated 9-20-20

  1. Auto Hotkey–free–simple shortkey programming for students; requires download
  2. Code Avengers
  3. Code Monster
  4. CodePen
  5. Codesters–fun coding for middle school; students code and see the result on side-by-side screens
  6. Gamestar Mechanic–design video games
  7. Hakitzu–learning through games
  8. Khan Academy Computer Science
  9. Looking Glass—animated story–offshoot of Alice
  10. Minecraft
  11. Notepad–coding using the Windows Notepad
  12. Python
  13. RoboMind–downloaded software
  14. Robotics
  15. Scratch
  16. Snap!—runs in your browser
  17. Squeakland–build etoys with downloaded software
  18. Tinkercad–3D modeling–fee–perfect for 3D printing
  19. Typing.IO–typing code for practice
  20. Windows Property menu–create a shortkey for any Windows tool through properties. Here’s a how-to video.
  21. Wolfram Alpha widgets