Math (HS)

online math

Updated 8-13-21

  1. Adventures of Jasper Woodbury–fee-based but great reputation for teaching math in a game environment
  2. Algebra curriculum (pretty thorough but might be dated)
  3. Books–free, online; mostly high-level math
  4. Calculus Concepts–from Bartleby
  5. Desmos–excellent math app for high school
  6. EquatIO (Texthelp)
  7. GeoBoard–an app; explore geometric shapes
  8. GeoGebra (an app)
  9. Geometry curriculum (pretty thorough but might be dated)
  10. Get the Math–algebra in the real world
  11. Interactivate — games for HS math that can be used as assessments
  12. Math by Design--design with math
  13. MathDrBob–videos on HS math subjects
  14. Math in the Real World
  15. Math is Fun
  16. Math Open Reference –defining terms and more
  17. Math explainer videos (including calculus)
  18. Math problems to solve
  19. PhotoMath–(app) take a picture of a math problem ; scan; the site solves it and explains how
  20. Physics Catalyst
  21.–math explainer videos