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Updated 9-18-20

Greeting Cards


Earth Day


Groundhog Day

  1. Groundhog Day Games

Halloweenhalloween jackolanten anger expression


  1. Puzzles and games from Digipuzzle

July 4th


  1. Kwanzaa games and puzzles

Labor Day

Martin Luther King Dayred-37308_640

  1. 2 lesson plans

Memorial Day

Mother’s Day

Pi Dayturkey-48220_640

  1. Discovering Pi with Google Sheets
  2. Find your Pi Day--where is your birthday in the endless numbers of Pi? Created by Wolfram
  3. Music created with Pi — addictive song
  4. Pi Day WebQuest
  5. Pi Poems

President’s Day


St. Patrick’s DaySt Patricks Day dogs


  1. Puzzles



Veterans Day

  1. Bet You Didn’t Know: Veterans Day
  2. Difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day
  3. The History and Evolution of Veterans Day
  4. Veterans Day by the Numbers
  5. Veterans Day: How it started and why we honor it–video

Click for 16 Holiday Lesson Plans (each adaptable to multiple holidays)

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