Create Games

prodigy math

Updated 6-9-20

  1. Adventure Games Studio
  2. Blended Games
  3. Chess template in Docs
  4. ClassTools– create simple games using templates.
  5. Connect Four–through ClassTools
  6. Game Maker Studio– 2D developing platform for more intricate games.
  7. GameSalad– design games using drag and drop and learn computer science and programming
  8. Gamestar Mechanic– fun, game-based quests and courses to help students learn game design and make their own video games
  9. GetKahoot (iOS/Android)- quickly create fun multimedia trivia games and compete against peers.
  10. Kodu– create games on a PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language.
  11. Quest–create your own text adventure game
  12. Stencyl– design games without coding, but by choosing elements and characters.
  13. Sploder – create retro 8-bit arcade games, flash games, physics puzzles, and 3d space adventure games.
  14. TinyTap — create educational games for your classes or play those created by other teachers
  15. What2Learn– design interactive learning activities, such as hangman, quizzes, word searches, and extended writing activities.