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digital greeting cardUpdated 8-15-18

Greeting Cards

Earth Day


  1. Bunny Fingers–add bunnies to any picture
  2. Tale of Peter Rabbit

Halloweenhalloween jackolanten anger expression

July 4th

  1. Fireworks! Arcade — includes ads
  2. Holiday Picture It –includes ads and in-app purchases; decorate photos for the holiday
  3. Patriotic Tunes 2  — includes ads and in-app purchases

Martin Luther King Day

  1. 2 lesson plans

Memorial Day

  1. History Here–find what history is in your geographic area; from

st patricks day graphicPresident’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

  1. St. Patrick’s Day countdown
  2. St. Patrick’s Day quiz


  1. Berenstein Bears Give Thanks
  2. Primary Games–games, coloring books, more

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