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Digital Citizenship

1022387 man present blue and red balloonsUpdated 6-8-17


  1. Buddy Poke 3D (Android/iOS) allows students to create animated 3D avatars that look like them. They create an animated movie starring the avatar along with a peer’s avatar.
  2. FaceQ–create an avatar
  3. Gabsee a 3D avatar that resembles them then project the avatar anywhere with augmented reality to create adventure videos
  4. Pixton — fee-based
  5. Plotagon (web/iOS/Android) and they star in an animated movie. Students pick a scene, add dialogue, determine the emotions, and add sound effects and music.
  6. Tellagami–a video avatar
  7. Vokis

Copyrights and Digital Law

  1. Copyrights–BrainPop video
  2. Copyright and Fair Use–Common Sense Media video
  3. Copyright Law Explained (fun video, informative, thorough)
  4. Videos on licensing, copyrights, more (from Creative Commons)


  1. K-8, scaffolded, Ask a Tech Teacher (with projects)


  1. Bullying—Watch this (videos)
  2. Cyberbullying video
  3. Think Time: How Does Cyberbullying Affect You

DigCit (General)

  1. Digital presence
  2. Internet sources
  3. O2–Keeping Kids Safe
  4. Videos–general collection from CommonCraft
  5. What is DigCit–told by a student

Digital Communications

  1. Facebook, YouTube, Texting: Rules of the Road for Kids

Digital footprint

  1. Digital Footprint
  2. Digital Life 101
  3. Digital Life—parody video
  4. Flame Fart Kid—Digital Rep
  5. What’s a digital dossier (footprint)

Digital privacy

  1. Privacy on the internet

Digital rights and responsibilities

  1. Digital rights—sharing info

Digital Search/Research

  1. Remix

Fair use/Public domain

  1. A Fair(y) Use Tale

Image copyright

  1. Image edit exposure tool
  2. Everything is a remix

Internet Hoaxes

  1. Fake baseball blog--well done

Internet safety

  1. Internet safety video–day in digcit’s life
  2. Safe tech use–video
  3. These six videos from kids like you

Online plagiarism

  1. Plagiarism video

7864053 Young people with tabletsSocial media

  1. #Hashtag You’re It
  2. Hello? Put down your phone–we are obsessed with social media
  3. Social Media Revolution–video; great music


  1. Texting etc–Chicken Road YouTube
  2. Texting While Walking–from the NYT, a video op-ed

For a complete Digital Citizenship curriculum for K-8 with 17 topics. 46 lessons. 46 projects. A year-long curriculum that covers everything you need to discuss on internet safety and efficiency, check out K-8 Digital Citizenship Curriculum.

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