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Digital Citizenship

1022387 man present blue and red balloonsUpdated 8-3-18


  1. Buddy Poke 3D (Android/iOS) allows students to create animated 3D avatars that look like them. They create an animated movie starring the avatar along with a peer’s avatar.
  2. FaceQ–create an avatar
  3. Gabsee a 3D avatar that resembles them then project the avatar anywhere with augmented reality to create adventure videos
  4. Pixton — fee-based
  5. Plotagon (web/iOS/Android) and they star in an animated movie. Students pick a scene, add dialogue, determine the emotions, and add sound effects and music.
  6. Tellagami–a video avatar
  7. Vokis

For a complete Digital Citizenship curriculum for K-8 with 17 topics. 46 lessons. 46 projects. A year-long curriculum that covers everything you need to discuss on internet safety and efficiency, check out K-8 Digital Citizenship Curriculum.

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