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updated 9-10-20

5 thoughts on “Overview

  1. Thank you for your WordPress website/blog. I am a doctorate candidate and have taught for YEARS in the K-12 venue. I now teach teachers at a regional university. My university encouraged instructors to create their own blogs/websites and I have been unhappy with mine for years. Yours has inspired me and I now think I may be able to pull it off.
    Thank you!

  2. Awe you’re sweet …. I taught K, 2, and 4th grade for years as a mainstream classroom teacher. Then I ‘changed’ my specialization to Reading Intervention and taught in the Resource Lab and eventually became the Student Services Coordinator. I had a wee stint of 2-3 years teaching K-5th grade computer where I was commissioned to ‘write curriculum’ — However, I was also the SSC and my hours were crazy. I have some nifty lesson plans, but they were mostly in my head and scribbled on papers. Ironically, before I was an educator, I worked in Computer Graphic Arts (But, that was WAY WAY back when personal computers were almost unheard of! — Doesn’t that date me!?).

    I’m doing my dissertation on Student Academic Advising, so I’m not sure how much of a collaborative ‘asset’ I would be to your website. I am going to try and ferret out all my past lesson plans and put them up on my website (that is, ‘when’ it is worth checking out). I figure my students may benefit from my lesson plans, if for no other reason but to help them to evaluate lesson plans for their effectiveness.

    Thanks again. I’ll be back visiting often since I have learned that bloggers ‘live’ to see their blog/website being visited (at least that is how I feel). 🙂 I will leave my website address below …. BUT, please bear in mind, I’m still trying to figure things out and it may look good on the ‘static’ page, the organization it leaves alot to be desired.
    BonBon <

  3. Awesome site, I teach tech to Pre-service teachers at Kansas State Universiyt, I will certainly be sharing your site with my students. What a treasure trove of resource, help and learning. Thank YOU!!!

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