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Easy Photo Editing in MS Word

Posted by on July 13, 2010

Before we get into Photoshop, we’ll start with a program your fifth grader is most likely comfortable with: MS Word. For basic image editing, Word does a pretty good job, so we’ll start with a project using Word’s tools:

  • Open a blank document in MS Word. Insert a picture with multiple focal points (see sample). pic
  • Duplicate the image once for each focal point.
  • Click one image to activate toolbar.
  • Crop each duplicate to show just one of the focal points
  • Double click the image to bring up the ‘Format Picture’ dialogue box.
  • Change the fill and border (line). Use the ‘Picture—image control’ tab to change to washout, grayscale, etc. Say OK.
  • Click image once to display the ‘dot. Rotate picture creatively.
  • If you use pictures from the internet, be sure they’re royalty free.

I’ve put it all on one page for you if you want to print it out:

Image editing with MS Word

Next, we start Photoshop with easy auto fixes.

PS–If you don’t have Photoshop, try the free download called GIMP.

–Published with permission from Ask a Tech Teacher © 7-28-09

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