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Feeling Thankful? Any Spare Holiday Spirit?

Posted by on December 11, 2017

18619875 Donate black stamp text on yellow Speech BubbleAsk a Tech Teacher is a small group of tech-ed teachers with a big goal: provide free and affordable resources to anyone, anywhere that integrate technology into education. It’s an ambitious goal and we rely on donations from readers like you to make that happen. Use the PayPal Donate button below or in the sidebar of Ask a Tech Teacher (aka, Structured Learning LLC–our publisher):

donateAbout this time of each year, when several of our larger bills come due, we give a shout out for help. We thought we’d share some of the costs of running Ask a Tech Teacher:

  • Site hosting–we use WPEngine–an excellent company that keeps the site up and running over 99% of the time.
  • Domain name hosting--for that, we use GoDaddy. They always take our calls, walk us through how to fix problems in terms we understand. we’re teachers, not network geeks, but they don’t hold that against us.
  • Constant and chronic techie problems–such as IPNs, security updates, plug-in updates, and so much more. Again, we’re teachers. This double geek stuff makes our heads hurt.
  • The geeky tools and programs that deliver content–like the apps we review and the programs we use for webinars.

We could sell ads, but we don’t want to clutter the pages. That’s distracting as you search out resources for your classroom. We rely on donations. As Wikipedia says in their shout-out for donations, just $3 per reader would cover the entire fundraiser in one hour (my reader base and monetary needs are smaller than Wikipedia!).

Here’s our gift to you if you’re willing to donate to us during the month of December:

When you donate $25 or more, get a free copy of the

169 Tech Tips

Value: $9.99

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When you donate $50 or more, get a free copy of the

169 Tech Tips and the 65 Posters Bundle

Value: $15.98

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Convinced? Excellent. Use the PayPal Donate button below or in the sidebar of Ask a Tech Teacher:


When we receive your tax-deductible donation, we’ll send the resources (well, Zeke Rowe will, from Structured Learning–our publisher. Here’s his email if you want to ask him about it:

BTW, we’re always open to sponsors, too. We love sponsors!  If you’re an edtech company, contact us at We can add you to the sidebar, review your product, or another sponsor sort of activity.

3 Responses to Feeling Thankful? Any Spare Holiday Spirit?

  1. Yodi Collins

    Good on you!

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