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Book Review: Kindergarten Technology–32 Lessons Every Child Can Do

Posted by on October 23, 2010

Kindergarten Technology: 32 Lessons Every Kindergartner Can Accomplish on a ComputerAs the school year begins, here’s a useful book on what to introduce, when, to the newest technology students:

Kindergarten Technology: 32 Lessons Every Kindergartner Can Accomplish on a Computer

by Structured Learning IT Teaching Team

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As advertised, it has a year’s-worth of age-appropriate computer training in KidPix, PowerPoint, Google Earth, beginning keyboarding, computer parts, vocabulary with step-by-step lesson plans, examples of completed work, vocabulary builders. Everything meets and exceeds ISTE, NCLB standards. Students learn hundreds of computer skills while exploring math, science, literature, problem-solving, critical thinking. (See the publisher’s website at for free downloads and more details.)

I found it easy to use, straightforward, nonthreatening. I like the entire series.

Here are some comments from

I have 3 children who all use the technology binders and they are so useful. You know what each lesson is and what they are learning. You also have the homework in there so everything you need is in one binder (which prevents lost sheets of paper). Definitely recommend this product.

–Drew Adams

kindergarten technologyThis workbook is a great tool for helping your primary school student learn hands on skills for the computer. Typing exercises, key hardware terms and other activities are included and can be used pretty independently by the student. It’s been a great tool for our 3rd grader and supplements the activities given in class. Would definitely recommend!

–B Johnson

kindergarten technologyMy daughter is using this as a text in her computer class at school. The lessons are easy to follow and informative. She has learned a lot so far this year.


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