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18 Great FREE Online Keyboard Websites

Posted by on August 13, 2010

When your child is learning to keyboard, they need 10-15 minutes two to three times a week. Even for kindergartners. Choose a fun software program–whichever will keep their attention when they’re young. I use Type to Learn Jr. in my school until half-way through first grade, but there are other good ones. For the older children, I use Type to Learn. I have great results with it. Students are challenged, intrigued, motivated by the prizes and the levels.

Another option is online typing sites. Typingweb is good. It’s a graduated program that keeps track of your progress. If you’re picking an online program as an alternative to software, it’s important to log in so the software remembers what your child has accomplished.

If you’re going to use online sites as part of an overall typing practice curriculum, here are some other good sites to try:

  1. Keyboard challenge—adapted to grade level
  2. Keyboard practice—quick start
  3. Keyboarding Fingerjig—6 minute test of ability
  4. Keyboarding for Kids
  5. Keyboarding practice
  6. Keyboarding—alphabet rain game
  7. Keyboarding—barracuda game
  8. Keyboarding—bubbles game
  9. Keyboarding–Dance Mat Typing
  10. Keyboarding—full online course
  11. Keyboarding—games
  12. Keyboarding—lessons and speed quiz
  13. Keyboarding—lessons
  14. Keyboarding—lessons
  15. Keyboarding—must sign up, but free
  16. Keyboarding—quick start
  17. Keyboarding—speed quiz

I recommend a hybrid of software and online. Start each session with 10-15 minutes of keyboarding and then move on to something else.

Reprinted with permission of Ask a Tech Teacher © 7-1-09

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