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Updated 5-24-16


  1. Explain Everything–screencasting, interactive whiteboard
  2. QuickTime–can record a movie from your camera, or record the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It can also record audio from a microphone or record the screen of your Mac.
  3. Screencast-o-matic
  4. Snagit
  5. Snip–download; beta product from MS; add annotations, sound, illustrations; send as image or video
  6. list of apps for videocasts


  1. How to–lots of details on setting up a GHO
  2. How-to–with Susan Soucy; simple and clear

Screen Share

  1. ScreenLeap—screen share for free

Screenshotshuman body

  1. Grab–included in OS X as a screenshot utility
  2. iPad: hold Home button and power button at same time
  3. Jing
  4. Mac: Command Shift 3 for a full screenshot; Command Shift 4 for a partial screenshot
  5. Nimbus–a browser app that takes screenshots with robust editing tools (free)
  6. ScreenCapture–a full webpage
  7. Snagit–as a download (for a fee) or a free iOS and Chrome app
  8. Surface tablet: hold down volume and Windows button
  9. Windows Snipping Tool–included in Windows

Webinarsonline training concept

  1. Webinars-on-air

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