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Great Resources

149 Great Resources for teachers from grading rubrics to online quizzes, audio books, utilities, puzzle creators and more. A note: These are not student websites, rather resources for teachers. Please go to Great Websites for a (very) long list of student sites organized by grade and topic.

Add a comment with any you find invaluable to your teaching job.

Developers: If you have a website you would like considered for this list, please contact me so I can review it by clicking here. Thanks!


  1. Class badges
  2. Grading automatically w G. Docs–Flubaroo
  3. Hollywood Sq/Jeopardy Templates
  4. Jeopardy Labs
  5. No Red Ink–track student learning, create quizzes, CC-based–free sign-up
  6. Online quizzes that you create, online grades 
  7. PollDaddy
  8. Puzzle maker
  9. Quizbean–make and take quizzes online
  10. Quizdini
  11. Rubrics I
  12. Rubrics II
  13. Rubrics III
  14. Rubrics/Assessments—create–KSchrock
  15. Rubrics—for CCSS
  16. Socrative
  17. Technology use survey—interactive
  18. Test creator—online
  19. Tests—create fill-in-the-blanks
  20. Padlet

Backchannel Devices


  1. Diigo–bookmark sites, collaborate, share


  1. Biology textbook–complete high school biology course inspired and let by E. O. Wilson

Classroom Management

  1. Bouncy Balls–balls bounce based on level of noise in the classroom
  2. Calmness Counter–how noisy is your classroom? Let students see.
  3. Class Dojo—class behavior mgmt
  4. Class Badges
  5. Doodle—schedule meetings, polls
  6. Forms—Adobe interactive pdf, collect results
  7. Google Safe Search Preferences
  8. If This Then That—manage social networks
  9. Legal issues
  10. MentorMob—sharing bookmarks
  11. Open Badges
  12. Password creator
  13. Plagiarism Tracker
  14. QR Codes
  15. Random Team Generator
  16. Sign-up Genius–organize volunteers, presentations, lists of all sorts
  17. Tagible–organize videos from YT, Vimeo, more
  18. Teach with IPads
  19. Tech Training—basics
  20. Too Noisy--another app to show noise level in classroom (app)
  21. Volunteer Spot–organize with free online sign-up sheets


  1. Blogs—Wordpress Classroom blogs
  2. Linoit—notes and photos stickyboard
  3. Skype

Critical Thinking

  1. Brainstorming—Spicy Nodes
  2. By Kids For Kids
  3. Children’s University
  4. Mapping ideas with tag clouds
  5. Mind42–collaborative online mind mapping
  6. Mind mapping with Bubblus
  7. MindMup

Device Management

  1. LearnPad–purpose-built tablets to distribute and manage learning
  2. My Big Campus–manage learning materials
  3. Nearpod–app tool to distribute and manage learning materials

Digital Portfolios

  1. Digital portfolio–Digication–fee-based
  2. Digital portfolios–with Google Sites–Googlio
  3. Dropr
  4. Educlippers–like Pinterest for educators; collect bookmarks, videos, and more
  5. Flipboard–a magazine format (this is for tablet use only)
  6. Live Binders
  7. Only2Clicks—organize bookmarks
  8. PearlTrees—share bookmarks, etc
  9. Portaportal–collect bookmarks; fee-based allows images and more
  10. Protopage Blog
  11. Symbaloo—organize bookmarks
  12. Wikispaces–or another wiki concept (PBWorks)
  13. WordPress–use blogs for e-porfolios

Discussion Boards

  1. BoardHost–free discussion board
  2. Collaborize Classroom–online discussions
  3. Forumotion—free forum tool
  4. FreeForums
  5. Google Groups
  6. Ning–sophisticated forum/discussion board; free trial
  7. VanillaForums–free trial

Domain-specific Language

  1. Tagxedo
  2. Wordle


  1. Geography Activities—for teachers
  2. Google Map Maker
  3. Tour Builder--build a Google Earth Tour easily

Google Earth

  1. General resources on Google Earth
  2. Google Earth—African Animal
  3. Google Earth—endangered animals
  4. Google Earth Lesson Plans I
  5. Google Earth Lesson Plans II
  6. Google Earth in Math
  7. Planet in Action—Google Earth
  8. Pompeii—via Google Earth

Graphic Organizers

  1. Graphic organizers
  2. Graphic organizers II
  3. Graphic Organizers III
  4. Graphic Organizers IV (inc. iPads)
  5. Graphic organizers—all topics
  6. Graphic organizers—Enchanted Learning
  7. Graphic Organizers—for reading


  1. Common Core training–the Hunt Institute
  2. Common Craft--videos on wikis, phishing, etc.
  3. How-to videos–technology, reading, math, more
  4. How to Videos for Web 2.0
  5. Internet Movie Database
  6. K-8 school-related videos. Tons 
  7. Learn Zillion—teaching videos
  8. Teacher Training Videos   
  9. Teaching Channel
  10. YouTube Education
  11. YouTube Pure—removes comments


  1. Easelly–free
  2. (free)
  3. ManyEyes
  5. Piktochart–easy infographics (free)

Lesson Plans

  1. BlendSpace–blend a variety of digital materials into one canvas for students
  2. Frolyc–easy to create multimedia lessons on teacher device and push out to student iPads
  3. Google Education—lesson plans, more
  4. Knowmia–create lesson plans with multimedia, make them interactive, share them with others
  5. Mastery Connect--CC lesson plans–fee to free
  6. OfficeMix–collect materials for lesson plans on PowerPoint through a new free tool (requires PowerPoint 2013)
  7. Ted Ed--great for flipped classrooms



  1. Math/LA Videos by grade level
  2. PBS Learning Resources
  3. Tag clouds
  4. Teaching vocab, prefixes/suffixes, more
  5. Timelines
  6. Timelines—Dipity
  7. Vocab, prefix/suffix, word lists and more
  8. Webquests–Zunai–templates, free


  1. Math/LA Videos by grade level
  2. TED talk on math and computers


  1. DigiMemo–tablet used exclusively for note-taking. As close to pen and paper as you’ll get. Uploads to your digital device.
  2. Evernote
  3. OneNote
  4. SANSSpace--digital note-taking with video

Parent Ed

  1. Parent Education Videos

Photo Editing

  1. PicMonkey


  1. Book Cover creator
  2. Create a magazine cover
  3. Flipboard—organize ideas into mag
  4. Glogster—posters
  5. Go animate
  6. Issuu (
  7. Newspaper—create a newspaper
  8. Newspaper—create a newspaper clipping
  9. Newspapers around the world
  10. PhotoPeach–online slideshows
  11. Poster maker—like an eye chart
  12. Posters—8×10 at a time–simple
  13. PowerPoint games for kids
  14. PowerPoint stuff
  15. PowerPoint Templates
  16. Prezi
  17. Print Large Posters in 8×10 bits
  18. Print Posters One Page at a Time
  19. Publish the magazines 
  20. Scoop-it—organize webpages
  21. Screen Capture—full webpage
  22. Screen capture–Screenr
  23. Screencast-o-matic
  24. ScreenLeap—screen share for free
  25. Slideboom—upload PowerPoints; share
  26. Tackk—create online fliers
  27. Turn short stories into books
  28. Wideo–create videos online
  29. Youblisher to make your pdf documents flappable


  1. Audio books—free—Project Gutenberg
  2. Poetry sites—lots of them
  3. Shelfari—share books with students


  1. Biology textbook–complete high school biology course inspired and let by E. O. Wilson
  2. Biomes/Habitats—for teachers


  1. Blendspace—multimedia sharing platform
  2. Join.Me–screen sharing made easy
  3. Mentor Mob–share bookmarks singly or as a playlist


  1. Pond5-lots of authentic sounds (for a fee)
  2. SoundSnap–sounds for a fee


Special Needs

  1. Disabilities—Google
  2. Disabilities—Macs
  3. Disabilities—Microsoft
  4. Special Ed –A great resource for providing intervention reading exercises.

Study Tools

  1. Flashcards or Worksheets 


  • timer





  1. Inpic–tech training with pictures


  1. Animoto
  2. WeVideo


  1. Common Core training–the Hunt Institute
  2. Common Craft--videos on wikis, phishing, etc.
  3. How-to videos–technology, reading, math, more
  4. How to Videos for Web 2.0
  5. Internet Movie Database
  6. K-8 school-related videos. Tons 
  7. Learn Zillion—teaching videos
  8. Tagible–organize videos from YT, Vimeo, more
  9. Teacher Training Videos   
  10. Teaching Channel
  11. YouTube Education
  12. ViewPure–paste the YT video address into site and view video without ads, distractions

Visual Learning

  1. Animations/movies—Go Animate
  2. Art on your Whiteboard
  3. Classroom floorplan—architect unit
  4. Coloring pages
  5. Create free activities and diagrams in a Flash!
  6. Creative Tools
  7. Crossword Puzzle Maker

Websites–for teachers

  1. ClassJump
  2. Kidblog–set up a classroom
  3. Teacher Websites
  4. Weebly
  5. Wix

Web Tools

  1. Animations, assessments, more
  2. Easy Web 2.0 tools
  3. Easy-to-navigate collection
  4. Free online tools (Web 2.0)
  5.–so easy to create a website, digital portfolio, more
  6. Puffin Academy--run select Flash apps on iPads
  7. So many Free online tools (Web 2.0)   
  8. Thinglink–link any spot on an image to audio, video, more–available to <13 yo, no email required

White Board

  1. Scriblink–online whiteboard
  2. White Board—no sign in, no reg


  1. Poetry sites—lots of them
  2. Vocab, prefix/suffix, word lists and more


  1. Are you getting enough sleep? Take this quiz from NatGeo
  2. Cool Tools for School (
  3. Enchanged Learning
  4. FBI Kid-safe games
  5. Lots of Links for all grade levels

Becoming a teacher

  1. USC Rossiter School–state certification pages



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  1. Elizabeth

    Hi, Jacqui. The same thing is happening with the 10 Alternatives link on your latest Great Resources post. It takes me to I don’t see that it is under any paticular grade level.

  2. Jacqui

    Hi Elizabeth–I believe it works now. I had to find a different source for that list, but it was worth it. Lots of great ideas on it!

  3. Anne Ochs

    Thank you for all of the great Tech Teacher resources!!

  4. Roy

    Hi Jacqui,

    Thanks for inviting us to leave a comment about your website.

    K5 Learning ( offers an online reading and math enrichment program for elementary school kids, aimed at after-school and summertime use. It includes assessments and a highly structured program of over 3,000 multimedia activities.

    We also offer a number of free resources to visitors:
    - math worksheets for grades 1-6, extensive and very organized
    - addition and subtraction worksheets for preschool and kindergarten
    - printing and counting numbers worksheets
    - simple math worksheets
    - decimals and fraction worksheets
    - over 25 multimedia math lessons

  5. Jacqui

    Another great site recommended by a reader: “Free eBooks: The Ultimate Guide”

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