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Updated 6-21-16


  1. Clean Reader--replaces profanity in books with G-rated words; you decide if this is right for your group

Lesson Plans

  1. Common Core-aligned lesson plans


  1. Aesop for Children–collection of fables
  2. Audio Books–apps for books purchased through Audio Books (and free ones)
  3. Blue Planet Tales–colorful, great stories, English and Spanish
  4. Books that Grow–read a story at many different reading levels
  5. Epic–a reading library for kids, 15,000 books; most digital devices
  6. Free Books–download any of our 23,469 classic books, and read
  7. IBooks–amazing way to download and read books.
  8. Kindle–read ebooks, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and PDFs on an easy-to-use interface.
  9. MeeGenius–collection of child-appropriate stories, as well as your own
  10. Penguin Leveled Readers
  11. RAZ Kids–membership site for classes
  12. Reading Rainbow–library of books; free to try
  13. Signed Stories–beautiful stories in sign language
  14. Speakaboos–library of stories and songs


  1. Fact or Opinion–help students determine fact from opinion
  2. Murky Reef–Murky Reef is a series of thematic educational apps that encourages critical thinking through contextual game play
  3. Speed Reading Academy
  4. Super Readers (fee)–improve reading skills
  5. Young Reader–highly customizable eBook reader and speed reading coach all-in-one


  1. Aesop’s Quest
  2. Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere’s Ride–a History lesson that fully leverages the interactive capabilities of the iPad
  3. Berenstein Bears
  4. Cat LITE — Dr. Seuss
  5. Cloudy with a Change of Meatballs--fee (small one)
  6. Dr. Seuss
  7. Reading Raven–personalized to child, based on adventure theme
  8. SparkleFish–a hilarious audio story completion game that will have you laughing uncontrollably


  1. Action Words–learn action words with amazing pictures
  2. First Site Words (fee)–focuses on the core vocabulary your children will need throughout their lives.
  3. Montessori Crosswords–based on the Montessori method; fee
  4. SpellingCity–the app for the wildly popular internet-based site
  5. Tappy Alphabet–fun app to learn letters; available on Google Play

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