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lesson plans

Subscribers: Your December Special is Available

Only a few more days for Ask a Tech Teacher subscribers to get 25% off:

This month:

Student Workbooks


25% off a Room License (up to 26 seats) on 1-9 grades

9 grade-level technology curriculum student eworkbooks (kindergarten through 8th grade–only 3rd-8th available currently). Aligned with the Structured Learning K-8 technology curriculum (which is aligned with Common Core and ISTE)–one ebook per grade level. Each ebook is 136-195 pages, with 193-230 images.

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="38071,38063,38064,38065,38066,38067,38068,38069,38070"]

This is a student-paced, student-directed course that integrates with any school curriculum and prepares students for end-of-year Common Core testing. Includes:

  • why learn technology?
  • formative and summative assessments
  • domain-specific vocabulary
  • relevant tech problem solving
  • required digital citizenship overview
  • curriculum map with a K-8 timeline of topics
  • embedded links so students can simply click and go—no searching for the site, trying to remember the site address
  • rubrics, quizzes, study guides, and more–to save teacher duplicating papers. It’s right there in the workbook!
  • over one hundred full-color images and how-tos
  • samples of projects at student fingertips so wherever they’re practicing, they have an example and directions
  • background material right there. If student wants to remember what they did a week–a month–ago, it’s right there.
  • extensions to dig deeper for those who are inspired by a topic
  • year’s worth of homework–all in one place
  • workbook goes with the student. It’s licensed to them through the school. If they’re in the library, the classroom, the soccer field, they can practice. Even at home (with appropriate license).

What’s included in Student Workbooks

  • student digital workbooks for the entire class
  • teacher manual for each grade level purchased (print–international excluded–and digital)
  • 32 teacher videos weekly to address current lesson (K-5 only)

Benefits of a Room License for School:

  • provide an overarching curriculum map for using technology in your school
  • provide access to full text PDF from 26 digital devices in the room, 24 hours a day. This maximizes productivity and student independence.
  • enable flexible learning paths as students work at their own pace, with the ability to review or work ahead as needed
  • share pedagogy to infuse your classroom with technology 
  • enable teachers to dig deeper into relevant topics, vertically integrate with core grade-level teachers
  • provide multiple authentic and organic methods of formative and summative assessment
  • provide free online Help via Ask a Tech Teacher (staffed by educators who use SL resources) and grade-specific wikis  (K-5 only)
  • free desk copy of print book for teacher use (if available in print and for domestic customers only)

Benefits of Room License for Students:

  • provide easy access to monthly lessons, how-tos, rubrics, project samples, practice quizzes, grade-level expectations, homework, images, and check lists 
  • provide quick links to websites required in lessons
  • provide full color instructions that can be zoomed in on for greater detail
  • allow a convenient place to take lesson notes (using a PDF annotator like iAnnotate)
  • encourage students to be independent in their learning, work at their own pace rather than a one-size-fits-all class pace. This is great both for students who need more time and those who ‘get it’ and want to move on
  • enable a quick way to spiral up to the next grade level for quick learners or back to earlier resources for student needing to scaffold their learning
  • prepare students for the rigor of end-of-year summative testing

If you’re an AATT or Structured Learning subscriber, get 25% off when you purchase a Room License for one grade-level or a set of K-8.

If you need a license for your school or District, contact Zeke dot Rowe at StructuredLearning dot net–he’ll give you a special 25% off code for those.

Also applies to K-8 Keyboarding Student Workbooks.


Discount:  25% off a Room License (up to 26 seats) on 1-9 grades

Expires:    12/15/14

Works on all of these digital devices:

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How to Order: Publisher’s website only


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11 FREE Holiday Resources

Here are some great projects to keep your students tech-involved over the holidays. They take lots of critical thinking, problem-solving, and are worth the effort! Let me know how these go:

Create a Holiday Word Cloud

Create a word cloud of holiday-themed words in Tagxedo, Tagul, or Wordle. Link goes to a how-to using Tagxedo.

[gallery type="slideshow" columns="4" ids="34681,34680,34211,34172,34168,34174"]


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A Holiday Flier in Publisher

This is the only project that’s easier than the holiday card in Publisher I shared on Monday. There’s no folding and the templates are bright, colorful and exciting for kids as young as second grade: (more…)

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Subscribers: Your November Special is Available


Every month, subscribers to Ask a Tech Teacher get a free/discounted resource to help their tech teaching.

This month:

16 Holiday Projects book


Delivery: PDF (Digital only)

How to Order: Publisher’s website only

Price: $14.99 value–this month: $4.99 (discount take after you click ‘Buy’)

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Book Review: 16 Holiday Projects

holiday projects16 Holiday Projects (Structured Learning 2011) is a 45-page student-tested collection of year-round holiday-themed projects for kindergarten through eighth grade using Word, Excel, Publisher, KidPix, TuxPaint, Web 2.0 tools and more. They’re from the Ask a Tech Teacher technology crew, designed to be fun and festive while teaching important tech skills.

Use them for any holiday. They’ll fill your year with pictures, calendars, wallpaper that kids will love making and want to give to family as gifts.

Subscriber Special this month–only $4.95 now through the 15th

Where to purchase:


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A Holiday Card in Publisher

Greeting cards are easy enough for second graders–even early readers. Using MS Publisher, pick a template, add a picture to personalize, add their name–and they’re done. It takes about 15 minutes. Kids always feel great about creating these greeting cards: (more…)

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Halloween Projects for K-5

TagulThree holidays are fast-approaching–Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you’re a teacher, that means lots of tie-ins to make school festive and relevant to students.

Here are ideas for you for Halloween:


  1. ASCII Art–Computer Art for Everyone (a pumpkin–see inset)
  2. Lesson Plan: Halloween letter for grades 2-5
  3. Make a Holiday Card
  4. A Holiday Card  (with Publisher)
  5. A Holiday flier
[gallery ids="34209,34210,34211,34212,34213,34214,34215,34216"]


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Subscribers: Your October Special is Available

saleEvery month, subscribers to Ask a Tech Teacher get a free/discounted resource to help their tech teaching.

This month:

A Lesson on Khan Academy

Free Posters

Common Core: 7 Articles

Free if you visit the link (from my publisher)

Check this link often to see what else has been added as free/discounted

Delivery: PDF format (Digital only)

How to Order: Publisher’s website only




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Subscribers: Your September Special is Available

saleEvery month, subscribers to Ask a Tech Teacher get a free/discounted resource to help their tech teaching.

This month:

Freebies over at Structured Learning–check it out

Click the ‘Sale’ tab on their website then ‘Freebies’ and see what you find.

There are also Sale items and Discontinued items–until they run out!

Delivery: PDF format (Digital only)

How to Order: Publisher’s website only

Price?  FREE or discounted

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Need to Create Lesson Plans? Try Frolyc

lesson plansWhen I first looked at Frolyc  I thought it was a lesson planning tool. Somewhat like Khan Academy’s mashable lesson plans or Mentor Mob’s  playlist of activities–or Knowmia‘s carefully-crafted materials that can be shared throughout their communities. But the more I dug into it, the more I realized that I was selling Frolyc short. Yes, it can curate content–for me, more easily than these others–in preparation for a flipped classroom lesson or independent student study. I could quickly collect a wide variety of interactive materials and distribute them to students nicely grouped under a theme. Yes, it can deliver low-stakes testing to students while they work, to evaluate learning and determine if appropriate scaffolding has been provided to insure understanding. Teachers have adopted short and quick formative assessments to inform them about whether the lesson they’re teaching is achieving the desired results. Typically, this requires a separate student log-in through an add-on tool like Today’s Meet and Socrative. I liked that Frolyc integrated it into the platform–no need to go elsewhere.

But Frolyc could do more. The lesson plan I created could easily be differentiated to accommodate varied student learning styles by tweaking it before pushing it out to student accounts. When the student logs on to their iPad-based account, they get not a mass-produced lesson, one-size-fits-all, but one that addresses his/her range of knowledge, needs, and learning style. With a nominal amount of work on the teacher’s part, no two lesson plans need be the same, just as no two students are exactly alike.

Additionally with Frolyc, lesson plans became more than students passively consuming videos, text, websites–they included sharing ideas, comments, and collaboration.

Here’s how it works:


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