Tech Tip #61: How to Get Youngers to Use the Right Mouse Button

In my fifteen years of teaching and tutoring tech, I’ve seen everything–and come up with solutions for all of it. I’ll share those with you. My goal: That students (of all ages) feel empowered not frightened by technology, that it is fun not frustrating. These tips will get you there with you and your kids.

Kids always get confused when I’m explaining directions that require the right mouse button. I’ve found an easy way to clarify. Here’s an example:

“Right click with your mouse”

Student promptly clicks with their left mouse. I know–doesn’t make sense. It does to them. They’re happy to focus on the right hand and have no idea they need to go one level further. My comeback:

“The other right.”

Always works. And, they don’t feel stupid (which they aren’t). They remember it.

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  1. I just purchased the Kindergarten Technology 32 lessons book and in the back it references internet sites that you can use with K5 – it also says to visit Ask A Tech Teacher for links – where are the links?

  2. I realize this is an older post but one thing I’ve done with my kindergarten students (and occasionally 1st graders) is to put a foam sticker on the right button to help remind them. It has worked wonders!